Bad beings

When you do bad, you die eventually at some point, at least when you keep on doing that.

So when you aren’t planning on doing that, like real bad shit, like killing people or causing the death’s of millions, while knowing about it, planning it and being fully aware of it, you should be good for now.

This means, that bad beings or people will eventually die out at some point, when you just survive anyway.

The bad thing is, they are usually bad losers, so they try to take your with them into the grave or whatever they are going to do after they are done with their madness.

Well, I guess, when we just keep surviving and help each other, the kind people win survive and the others will die on their own.

Bad people be like: Wait … they didn’t die from all the viruses and other dealy things we put into or around them and instead got stronger than us? This wasn’t how it was supposed to work. Somebody do something!

Security guard: I am afraid, I can’t. walks home

Bad people: Oh oh, this isn’t good.