An alternative “creation” story

Once upon a time, there was a universe.

Nothing was in it, just emptiness.

And well, a few atoms and lightning and such things.

Well, now to the “creation” story I wanted to tell.

It is based on the bible, well, with support of the bible.

But hold on, please, because it will be very, very different.

Off we go…

Earth was beautiful planet, full of life, resources, plants and something else.

As it usually was, there was a man on a mission or maybe many men, you never know.

Since the atmosphere of the planet wasn’t like their own, they first had to analyze the environment and find a way to make it habitable and comfortable for them. Also to get all the resources, without too much work and waste.

Then they found the local human-like beings. Some call them women, but that is actually wrong, since that word or related words are not original and actually support the astronaut version.

In german the word for “woman” is “Frau”, although in older versions there also has been other words, which were something like calling a female animal: “It is a Weib(chen)”. When you know that english is actually an older or altered version of german, you understand that a “Frau” is related to a man, by the rules of men. Why? Well, it is very simple. “Wo Mann, da Frau.” (Where man, there (is) woman). I hope you understand the little word game.

Small interruption for the mind:

And back to reali… the story.

So when you take the bible more as a book written from men for men, you understand what I am talking about. Although even inside it, there are stories and things supporting women, since the men were not stupid to come up with good stories themselves… as usual.

Okay, so the bible says, that humans are “a mirror” or “Ebenbild” (double / image) of God.

And a religion teacher told me, that the word “human”, well at least the german thing “Mensch” means woman and man together. Wo, hu, wohu, whou? Man… yeah.. okay.

There was mentioned a story about the first wife of Adam (the first man). She was said to be called Lilith or something. What happened according to my story?

The unearthly beings, humans, were having a lot of technology and weapons. Since the human-like beings on earth were usually friendly and more natural, they had no use for such things and therefor were not prepared for such an invasion. Still they were dangerous, so the intruders didn’t want to risk it.

They took some samples and found out that they were not only beautiful and strong, but also were able to reproduce in interesting ways, well they actually just found out that there was the possibility for them to change their form. So they actually looked like a man afterwards.

When they found out about it, they could reproduce a slightly altered version of it. The man or some call him Adam. He didn’t have all the genes and abilities of the earthly beings, but looked similar too them. At least for the humans, since they usually just paid attention to the obvious visible and simple things.

Since they understood that the earthly beings were theoretically able to reproduce, they tried to “stick” Adam and one of them, Lilith, together in one room. Expecting the normal reproduction process, like you might know it from animals. Eh… yea…

But although Adam looked attractive according to the humans and had good qualities, Lilith didn’t seem to like what was going on and got aggressive. She was hitting Adam, tried to fight him and screamed, while he simply wanted to do his job, to reproduce, or what you tell kids these days.

Afterwards Adam was not feeling that well and also wasn’t sure about the whole thing. It seemed as if something was not right about what happened.

So the scie…. humans decided to make a few more tests. Since Adam was already a hybrid in a way, they took a few of his stem cells (or something like that). Since they were already able to create one hybrid, why not do it again? Or whatever they thought. After a few failed attempts, they found something which seemed to work.

They called it Eva, I mean her.

She was a lot calmer and more quiet than the previous attempts, especially the original, Lilith.

And so they saw that it was good.

Since they were first in a lab, (by the way my mother told me that someone else told her about something like this, but only that there was something with a lab, just to let you know), they had to get comfortable and with the environment. So they placed them inside a garden. Well you know, “God” visited them a few times, when they realized that they were “naked” he had to kill some animals, you know the story.

But there was a problem with all these “adjustments” they/he did and the experiments to alter the code into something controllable. In case you think it was death or that they had a decreasing stability and life-expectancy, no that wasn’t it. At least not for the plans, since they could just produce more and also told them to do so. A calculated plan, since they wanted it to decrease a certain way, to have a perfect executable and calculated plan. Maths, you know? But since the female version was still more related to the original earth-being, there had been problems.

But first, let us talk about their sons.

You know, one of them was kinder and got then killed by the other one.

The interesting part is, that (at least in the bibles I got my hands on, besides the two different creation stories which are not in line with each other) there was something he “simply” did afterwards.

Because after his brutal murder, he was sent away from his family. Then he found himself a wife in some village and got a family. Seems about ri… WTF, quite literally.

No, I am not talking about… you know… I meant, that he just went somewhere else and there were other “humans”. When I asked about it, the answer was either something unsure or it was answered with something like: “Adam and Eva lived a long time and so they probably had a lot of children.”

I probably thought something like: “Eh… EXCUSE ME WHAT!?” Since it basically meant that incest was either a natural thing or I must have misunderstood something.

I mean, in some book God was about to destroy a city with fire from above (space crafts and stuff… yea…) because they were have inappropriate relationships (to call it that way). Well, seemed logical to me, don’t you think?

Any way, back to the problem.

After a while the humans (let’s just call them this way), that the female hybrids where getting weird, sometimes uncontrolled and also changed behavior. At first they also didn’t know why and what it was, believing their men or other authority figures sent to control them. But after a while the behavior got more intense. Luckily they found out about it, since the female hybrids were usually telling their male counter parts about what was going on inside and around them. This way they could find a way to explain it and make them ignore this kind of “influence” they were getting. Called it dangerous and evil, so they got scared of it and also tried to avoid it, since they didn’t want to do something bad.

Sad story is, that it happened again and again, so they had to find other ways. They came up with psychological tricks, childhood trauma and other funny ways to get rid of this problem. Since then they could say that these thoughts and feelings were related to that and blame their parents or whatever for it. Perfect.

Or so they thought. Problem was, that there of course also still were these original beings, which they altered, you remember?

The hybrids of course didn’t know about it, since they thought they were doing the right thing.

So they were told to infiltrate them, eliminate them, educate them (and so on).

The plan was, to get rid of all sources and possible uncontrolled tendencies.

Their biggest fear was that they could get another original or even a man-like version.

So they tried to build up a patterns, systems and so on, to make it seem as if women were not important and unknowing, since they were the actual originals and had to be controlled untill the job was done.

And also because the “Adams” and also hu-mans were very attracted by them and wanted to do things. It also got quite a sport to hear women scream, hurt them, torture them and do other things, while the men had a good time (with them). The best part was, that the created men even thought that it was natural, since they told them this and taught them it was normal. The original men (male versions of the original earth beings) were not like this, since they actually were female by heart and only had this form to be a protector, knew that such things weren’t good and normal. So the others found ways to “educate” them and make them seem stupid and weak and such things. Or even calling them things like “gay” or whatever. So some of them got very broke and confused, which was the plan, since this way the others could present themselves as the originals and “protector” or whatever. And basically convince the children, original or not, that the world is as it is (or as these hu-mans wanted it to be).

A few times these things of course didn’t work, so they had to throw a few bombs here and there and find certain pictures and associations to make (originals or not) them kill and find excuses for the remaining (originals or not) on why they had to kill these people or do what they did.

After some time they had to use more and more technology, since the originals somehow came back again and found ways to infiltrate the humans. Probably because of their weakness, you know, reproduction.

And so the originals were always happy to have a few children who could survive and fight back somehow.

The thing with the originals was, that they actually had cells which allowed them to live forever, at least in the terms of the given environment, which was earth (at least we call it this way now). The hybrids or later sometimes “mixed” versions (when hybrids and originals had children), had dysfunctions and due to their altered genes and limited knowledge etc. This way they were dying even without getting killed forcefully.

A side-effect for the women was, that they started to bleed sometimes, which actually came in handy. While at first it was just happening with a few of them, the effects were good, that the humans found a way to reproduce this problem and make it spread, so all women would get it. At least hopefully for them.

Because the calm and trusting women told about their experiences like usual, it was soon found out, that it felt like dying. And also made them feel bad in other ways. In some cases it was also negative, when some of them got a connection to this source or developed certain powers. So the men simply related these things all together and called it a god-given thing (yeah right). This meant whenever a women developed “abnormal” behavior, it was said that it was because of her “period” or feelings and such things. Making these women feeling weird, bad or unwanted. Then they could call them things like witch, crazy or bitch or something. And find ways to “help” them, or something like that.

Probably to f*** the shit out of them or giving them pills or both, only to say it is normal or maybe even make them want it. As in something like: “When you have certain feelings and behavior, you are such a personality and this kind of personality does these things” *shows porn and stuff*

The best about the bleeding was, that the sci… men found a way to make it more or less precisely and even found ways to make a relation between getting children and not-bleeding. This way they could then explain it in a more plausible way and also make it more comfortable for women to have children. Since otherwise they had to bleed. A positive side-effect was, that in some cases they also felt a little better while getting children, while it was also dangerous, since for this process they developed strong senses and feelings again. Luckily they could call it side-effects of the whole process and in some cases it was also useful, since the children got healthier this way, but they better didn’t risk it and then found ways to make the natural process more difficult. They wanted to make it external anyway, so the whole dysfunction thing wasn’t all that bad afterall.

FIN (?)

You see, there are a lot of cool things you can do with science and lifeforms. Don’t you think? 🙃

Luckily it is just a very good and scary sci-fi story.

Otherwise, well, what would have Jack O’Neill said, when the General asked whether he wants to write a book after his service?

Ah right, something like: “Well no sir, otherwise I would have to kill everyone who reads it.”

Heh. Yeah… American humor gets never old.

Thanks for reading this piece of very interesting sci-fi alternative “creation” story (or how the creation got broken).

Have a great day and don’t die out there. I am serious, about the dying part. 😀

By the way, I have to laugh, since otherwise I wouldn’t be able to handle this. Thanks for asking.

Oh, and before I forget it. The rule that a king can’t be killed by any figure on the board is a lie and purely fictional. It is just another figure like any other. Just because it has a crown or cross or whatever on their head, doesn’t mean it is a God or something. But the rule that they can only walk one step, while others can walk around the whole board (almost) as they like, is okay, I guess. 🙂