⯈ Poems

The following is a list of poems I wrote during my last years of secondary school. I am not sure whether all of them are from this time, some may be even older. And there are still many poems and things I write, which either got lost or thrown away by myself. Maybe it is interesting for you, to see what I wrote in the past.

I will first just re-publish the poems I already posted between 2013 and 2014, which are all in german I think. Later I will try to translate them into english, so everyone can read it, at least as long as you can speak one of these languages.

Maybe I will add new poems later, but right now I am not so much into poems anymore and until recently, I wasn’t into anything at all. We will see.

When you read them, you will notice that I write about God sometimes and back than I still tried to force myself to believe that God was as they say. But I didn’t, I couldn’t really believe it. So don’t think I want to convince you of something, I tried my best to survive and I didn’t realize some of the things I wrote. I am shocked about it myself, now that I realized so much more, revealed what was hidden inside of me.

I hope it helps in some way, but just read if you want.
Maybe it is nothing, but for me it was an escape back then.
And now I am writing again, but different. 🙂

The list is not complete, since some published ones on the blog are still missing and new ones will eventually be added at some point. x)