⯈ Anton Barsch [Story]

Die Geschichte von Anton Barsch

The story of Anton Barsch

Like with the “Lines, words, letters.” book (or whatever), I made some small corrections and changes here and there. Missing words or confusing meanings. But (at least the german original) stayed pretty much the way I wrote it in summer and winter 2012. It is not really formatted or looks pretty in any way. But it is still the way how it was 8 years ago. I only put together the two documents (summer + winter) together into one and generated an PDF. It is all in german, because again, I am from Germany and therefor usually wrote things in german. At least when I was younger.

I will release the english version and also the (slightly) corrected version on this blog and maybe as a complete PDF when all is done. For now, in case you can’t wait and either understand german pretty good or just want to try to read it anyway. Go for it, I have the “complete” version (again with an open end, because I didn’t finish it) down here.

Now all parts I wrote are on the blog and maybe I will put the english versions together into one file to download as a whole. But don’t expect it, okay. Just maybe.

Download Complete Version

(without corrections, german) [PDF – format]