Random – Da Vinci – Circles

I swear, I just had this thought and then I merged them and this happened.

It isn’t even symetrical, but it seems so perfect an similar at first.

Yet both things separated from each other aren’t symetrical and together even less. Still there is an illusion that they are perfectly working together.

Someone: What the hell are you talking about? This is complete nonsense.

Eh… Random nonsense I want to add here.

Someone: Random, fandom, doesn’t matter. Do something useful with your time son.

“Random” things these days… they almost make sense. Almost spookey.

Good that we have Someone to tell us what is important in the liver, to have a little the shiver. 😉

Stay safe guys! ❤

And don’t get too dizzy watching the wheels keep on spinning.

Which reminds me of one episode of Little House on the Prairie (1982+ Little House: A New Beginning) or in german Unsere kleine Farm. The local merchant was in the town / city and at some point there were fireworks going of by accident, the house in which he was, started to burn. But he stood there next to a lucky wheel trying to win the prize and the other one present was spinning the wheel. I think he even won, but I am not sure. I just had to think about it after looking at these circles.