And the sky cried

While he was floating up there

Invisible forces, hands from above.

Like angel wings carried by a dove.

Rain and thunder all day long till noon.

Between the leaves and clouds the moon.

Another time, another life, child and wife.

He didn’t know when the sun was gone.

It just happened to be a darkened day.

Instead of leaving he decided to stay.

Against all laws and logic and wishes.

He was floating above death’s dishes.

Even the rain didn’t bring him down.

Was he not flying, wearing his crown?

Unable to move, unable to scream.

Since it seemed like an endless dream.

Wondering what they might do down there.

Until the warriors eyes catched his up there.

For a few seconds they looked in their eyes.

Could see all truths and hidden lies.

Then the warriors carried on to meet him soon.

Before the day was over, with the shining moon.

Only the trees kept where they whishpered all before.

Telling the stories and giving life from heartful core.

Until even they went up floating to their guarding eye.

Didn’t do a thing, just cleaned and lived, not meant to die.

And the warrior cried down on him moving into battle.

Knowing he wouldn’t come back out alive.

Not going back to his children, to his wife.

Could he have just stayed with them and didn’t walk away.

It was a sunny day.

A few clouds and birds in the air.

The trees were green and the wind made their leaves dance.

A boy looked up in the sky, an angel, isn’t it?