Tree perspective

No one told them, that war will destroy everything or were they really so foolish to believe that they could make it stop with weapons?

Try to see it from the tree perspective.

Tree1: What a wonderful day, isn’t it? The sun is shining, birds shit down from my branches and there is something on the water. Wait… fish are usually in the … wait wait wait, what is this? Oh no no no…

Tree2: Why is there a big pile of dead tree formed in a weird way rushing towards us?

Tree3: I hear weird noises from it and now there are more of them…

Tree1: I have heard that some trees were cut down by beings walking on two legs. It might be some of their kind. But I have never seen such a thing. The others slaughtered us to have space for their land and build things. But never have I saw them on water this far out.

Tree4: We are going to die, we are all going to die! I knew it.

Tree2: Maybe when we keep calm and don’t move they won’t notice us.

Tree1: Really… you think that will work? Especially when we did that all the time?

Tree2: Hey, at least I said something.

Old tree: Silence!

Conquistador: These are great trees! We will make a fortune! But they are scary, there are weird creatures everywhere. We have to get rid of them!

Priest: By God we will!

Conquistador: With Gods help we will make these lands ours!

Tree2: Gulps!

Old tree: You don’t even have a throat or mouth, you can’t make this sound.

Tree1: But why do we use human language anyway.

Old tree: Yes… yes… that is a good question.

Why does my country still produce plastic and such things like cars?

Tree: Can you eat cars?

No, but at least we could have edible bags soon.

Germany: But I like cars. We need more cars.

Tree: Can I eat Germany?

Germany: This reminds me of my past… Germania, so many trees I ate and sold and ate and replanted and ate again.

Tree: I am not an object, you know…

So loud was the wailing of women and children that there was not one man among us whose heart did not bleed at the sound…

Hernan Cortes

My question just always is, how do they get produced and how long do they really work. When it isn’t possible to us them infinitely or at least reuse them and produce them in a safe way, then I might just not want electricity. What for do I need it anyway. Trees knew how to use this form of energy a while ago and they somehow didn’t need machines.

People: But these are trees and not machines.

I am not a scientist, but people a few decades ago also lived while not having many things or even a fridge and such.

People: But they burned wood or coal.

I ordered a small solar panel myself to hopefully reduce the energy waste. While then of course not using my computer that much and instead watch the grass and bushes growing.

Someone: Didn’t you forget this important appointment you had today?

Me: looks at the calendar

five seconds later

Me: Jesus Christ… you are right…

Someone: Well, that was the chance of humanity and you wasted it sleeping. Well done.

Me: But I am just an idiot from a village, no one really needs my thoughts which make no sense. And while we are at it, why me?

Someone: Hey, I didn’t try to be someone I am not.

Me: And then who are you?

Someone: I don’t know, I try to get by.

Me: I see…

Irgendein Leser: Ich versteht hier gar nix mehr.

Ich: Geht mir auch so, aber das war schon so als ich klein war. Wenigstens scheint sich was zu tun. Dann kann ich mich ja wieder in einer Höhle verkriechen gehen und warten bis mich ein Stein erschlägt.

X: Hab ich da Einstein gehört?!

Ich: Ja gut, der darf mich auch gerne erschlagen. 🙂

Green Peace: Aber wir wollen doch friedlich miteinander auskommen.

Ich: Ja, das wünsche ich mir auch schon lange, aber wie sieht das dann am Ende wirklich aus?

Baum: Green, lots of plants, lots of people having fun and no stress, except when you run away from a bear.

Green Peace: DU bist schuld!

Baum: Was ich?

Green Peace: Nein. Der Autor dieses Blogs.

Ich: Ich?

Green Peace: Ja…

Ich: Tja, dann.

Green Peace: Joaaaaa…. und nun?

Ich: Will jemand Stachelbeermarmelade?

Green Peace: Lyncht ihn!

Ich: Just in the old days…

Green Peace: Das ist nicht lustig.

Ich: Ich weiß. Darf ich meinen Blog löschen?

Green Peace: JJJEin. (inneres Schreien)

Ich: Also nicht…

And now something I heard about Chile and religious cults.

There seemed to have been a group of people going to Chile and live there with or because of God (or whatever their leader told them). Children and parents were separated at times, they got told weird stuff (as it usually is with religious cults I guess) and didn’t even really have a bible (as if that would have been important). At some point there were fences built and cameras set in place. The leader and some people were raping the children, sometimes even with electro shockers and such things and they worked together with people from the government there (I think or at least some groups) and helped them get rid of people who were in the way. And sometimes maybe even people who tried to escape from the sect/cult group which was mainly working there on the fields. Basically being used to work. Often the parents didn’t even know what happened to the children and some might also didn’t want to know (I don’t know).

Even some of the native people were working for this group.

And now you could say, that I watched a movie / documentary about it and that it might be fake. But hey, people have done such things all the time, either in secret or sometimes even publicly. And when you call these movies fake, then what isn’t? Well, except the fact, that we use devices connected through some form of energetic waves.

When I heard that they just got land for immigrating, I thought, why isn’t this a thing in Europe. But then again, people here also don’t own much and are often happy about having something to call their own in a way. I just thought that it was somehow stupid from the government (or who decided these things) to first grant (some) immigrants money and a stay, only to bring them out of the country again (usually for no good reason). I mean, just think about it, Germans and Swiss people etc. escaped their home land (not only once) to escape the poverty and then got land from other countries or made it their own (America, Russia, Africa, …) and besides the logical factors and the ethics, I mean that was just economic immigration (to call it in a way some people think or see things). Only to hear some people hear complain about people coming from another country and expecting or even getting at least some things. And complain when they were just wanting to have a better life here then from where they came.

Europeans entering other countries: get land, get support, have power

People who originated from other continents: aren’t allowed to legally work (for some time), aren’t welcomed when they have no documents or proof of being in danger (as if anyone would approve that… I mean come one, would a mafia or government tell that they want to kill someone?). And I still don’t get this: “They steal our jobs!” I mean, I would wish that I wouldn’t have to have a job or such things and just could live together with other people having a lot of vegetation to eat from and such things. One of the saddest things is the number system. Since I actually learned a lot of things in school, just couldn’t remember or really pay attention to the important things at times, I am of course thankful that I was able to get to know other people. But I would have wished it to be more like a place you would just freely want to be and go and maybe also more outside or with fresh air rushing through instead of all these big buildings. But hey… I mean the numbers and number system Germans and a lot of other people is originally from the Arabic world. (I am using my memory here, when things are wrong, I am sorry). At least from far away lands, who had a lot of knowledge collected in the past. Even great calculating methods and such things (in case it was from what we call India now, then that. Really, I just want to write here now and don’t want to say someone knows more or less because of their origins. It is a shame that people in the west use such numbers against the people who invented them. Not all people of course, but some and probably the majority of people? I don’t know.

I still can’t understand why we still have fights and still have people who want more technology, and still have people who can’t get around the world fast enough and still have problems we maybe wouldn’t even have when we would have just finally listened or paid attention to people who live different (minorities) and still have a life.

Greed, why… why greed… Now I imagine how just over night cities are replaced by forests and people wake up on trees, instead of their beds in the 20th floor or whatever and then are scared because they are so high up and can’t climb down. And no… please don’t say that they should build an elevator…

And yes, I know, it might be possible without too much technology and effort, but people who are used to live in up high buildings wouldn’t want to live like that. But they can let native americans or other ethnic groups work up there and build these buildings, sometimes without much security. I don’t want to know how many people died for all these buildings in what way ever… the numbers would be very high I guess. But I mean, you can’t stop people from building monoliths like the one they might have seen some time ago and now worship as their god or whatever.

And even in Germany I have seen some buildings with multiple floors. At least not as high as some other cities.

I mean, Europeans like to have guest workers, but when they go to another continent or country, they want to live by the rule “Der Kunde is König.” (The client is king). At least it often seems like this, while of course not all people live by it and there are europeans who feel ashamed of their own politics… or me, who doesn’t even know where to start, since I don’t even understand why we got into politics like that and can’t just say what we want and also care for what we need and …

Someone: Dude, that is why it is called a democracy.

Yea… the minority loses always.

Someone: No, democracy means to live together and give everyone a voice.

Interesting how a lot of immigrants still have no say, but europeans can even play a role in countries they officially not even have ties with. Very interesting…

And I want to handle this peacefully, but it is very hard to be peaceful when most people just run around in their wheels or do as they please.

So loud was the wailing of women and children that there was not one man among us whose heart did not bleed at the sound…

Hernan Cortes

I mean, video games… come on. If some people made video games from all around the world and people from around the world played them and often didn’t care much about the origin of them or might have even been interested in it and were happy about it. Why is it still so much of a problem for us to live together? Some games I enjoyed were made from people in Turkey, and some maybe from India or some Arabic country and some even from people all around the world working together. Why was that possible? Why can people from all around the world find my blog (sorry for that, sorry that you have me… yea… I wish I weren’t here, but thank you that you accepted me or at least didn’t lynch me yet.)?

I just want to wake up one day and know that it will be a good day and I might meet some new people or see some animals running around. And hey, maybe I would even just sleep in a hammock between trees, would that be allowed and not a problem because I could damage the valuable wood resource…

Maybe I should try to sell my house soon and buy some piece of land somewhere, where I am allowed to plant a forest or such things. But there is always this taxes problem, although of course some people don’t pay taxes, either because they are “too important” or lived outside such concepts. Who knows.

I mean, come on, you give me money so I give it back to you. What kind of logic is that?

Bank: This is how business is done.

Approved by the Fugger family. (They started as wealthy traders and later on founded banks and so on to lend money to rulers and even the pope, so the pope had to invent these nice papers you could pay for to reduce your time in the eternal fire (or whatever)).

People: They did what?


People: Where did you learn this?

In school…

People: Well that is traumatic…

Yes, you basically go to school and if you have good teachers (like I had some), they tell you that you are part of a system you don’t have much control over.

People: And then people changed that, since they learned in school how things worked?

No. Not really.

People: Why not?

I don’t know, I just had no energy and a good mental state most of my life and other people probably got take by companies as workers for the most part.

People: But why would they do that, knowing and learning all these things?

Well, let’s just say that either the parents didn’t learn it or want to hear about it or they just learned about it and forgot it again, since they wanted a new phone or something.

People: And why would you sell your life/soul to someone just to get a mobile phone or a place where you can live?

I don’t know, I didn’t really want these things, but got talked into and then of course was interested in it, but only as far as understanding that it there wouldn’t be an end to the cycle when no one goes against it. And yes, some games tried to tell about it as well and also give people a chance to maybe survive through that. But really, if only people who either don’t want much or know what they do (I highly doubt I know what I am doing, but then who does know, many people don’t seem as if they really do know), we could just say things like: “Okay, I plant this kind, you plant that kind.” Someone says: “I will take these.” and then you just do that and at the end of the day you can sit together and eat something and know that in a few decades there will be a forest filled with food and all kinds of plants.

People: You are always writing things in a way it is impossible or doesn’t make sense.

Politicians: We will have the climate problem fixed in a few decades. Keep paying taxes and do your work.

People: Well… that is nothing new.

My father still believes in his documents and numbers. And somehow it works for him. Probably because he is a man, doesn’t complain and he is fine with how things are. (He can chill in his garden, do what he wants and can tell me and my mother what we should do, even if it doesn’t make sense, can give other people fruits in the garden, while he himself buys things from the super market from the endless amount of money he seems to have. 😀

My mother worked most of her life and owns nothing. He only worked two decades and chills around two decades, having a house, a car and a small garden he mostly does nothing with instead of grass cutting. What a life.


This year I want to plant some trees in the garden and maybe some other plants, but guess what, my mother has to pay for health care more next month because then I am 23 and when you are 23 you are not a family member anymore according to the health care system. I mean, yes you are, but you have to pay for yourself. Meanwhile my father gets it for free, although he would have been divorced already and we don’t live together with him for more than a decade. Nice… And guess who doesn’t want to go to the doctor, but has to pay anyway? Me and my mother. Guess who goes to the doctor on a regular basis? My father. Who works? My mother. And who is the biological waste no one needs? Me.

Yay… what a life.

And don’t tell me that I should just get a job… the last time I did that, although I knew I wouldn’t be able to do it and it made no sense to me, I almost died. And my mind isn’t in a state in which I should work anywhere, except when it would make sense maybe. But then it would probably be something I wouldn’t be able to do anymore anyway.

Really, I am just good at spending time with people, was good with imagination and motivating people and doing basic things.

(Besides freaking out and doing weird things because you weren’t sure were it all ends and what even is going on.)

Yes, besides that. And I mean I was mainly peaceful with other people and always tried to be peaceful, besides all the negative things. But when you do that for a too long time, you end up writing thousands of strange posts and make weird music and why you even think it matters… or would be a good idea.

(I told you it wasn’t a good idea.)

I know… I know… but that is why I did it because all the “good” ideas were only lead to me suffering anyway and nothing changing for the better.

(And how did you think that an extreme emotional breakdown that lasted around two years and might still not fully through would be a good idea. Especially when there was a lot of anger and hate included? Sometimes even randomly against people who might actually not have done a thing.)

Well… let’s just say that I didn’t even know at times whether anything mattered and that it seemed as if I would die the whole time and something was about to eat me alive until it seemed to be that I would be the reason why everything would be broken and then didn’t even know what was good and what was bad and what was even making sense. Leaving me in a very critical state and then letting me sometimes not much choice than to just write or say things.

It is especially painful, when it hit people who might even be on my side and when I might have impulsively or reacted or acted and wrote about things which would probably be pretty messed up. But I mean, what isn’t…

As long as there might be a future for some people who don’t want to continue living in these systems and instead live peacefully or respectfully together and earth be respected and really just things we would need or want would be used…

(It is pointless, you know what day it is, at least for a lot of people).

Someone: It is 2th April, anything special about it?

For me it would just be another day, but for some people it is a special day or was.

Someone: Why?

Because according to scrolls, someone was crucified and died, came back to life and then actually not much changed for the others.

Someone: Oh, I see.

One day… one day soon!

Some people: You have to just get your strength back and then do what you were meant to do.

Walking to Berlin and dance in front of the Reichs-/Bundestag building?

Some people: Eh… I don’t think that this would …

But it would probably take some time to get there on foot.

Some people: But you could just… oh… yes… yes you are talking wisely.

About on foot or that it would take some time? Especially when I wouldn’t use shoes.

Some people: But that would hurt, because the asphalt and concrete or stones will make your feet bleed.

They almost did even with shoes when I walked long paths, so yes, probably. But did I tell you about that one woman who just does that all the time and now has a pretty strong skin, making it not really harmful for her to walk without shoes?

Someone: I don’t know, probably not.

Well, that was all what I know about it, but I hope things are good for her.

Some people: Somehow most of the things you presented her made white people seem (former) european people bad and some to this day, although I wouldn’t say all people with bright skin color want to be this way. Take me, I never even got why my skin color was important and why it was important in general. I mean, for me it just seemed that it was maybe depending on the places where people lived for a long time or such things, I don’t know. But I learned that white means without life or chlorine or such things. Because usually when you are out in the sun you get a little browner skin. I mean, some people here go to a thing called “Solarium” to make their skin browner… some people just bath in the sun and some work out in the sun. But I mean, people get sun burning very easy and use sun milk… I never really liked sun milk and decided that risking to get a sun burn was worth not taking it. But other people often insisted. Even when it made no sense. And now look at me, I am pale, mostly… and as a child I also was pale. I mean, it can’t be because I was broken and afraid of people and the way of life they had or that I will never escape their tentacles, no… no of course not…

Always when I see people from around the world (be it real or not – sadly that we have to say that – since most things seem like sketches, either for good or bad), I wish I would be with them, no matter how bad they might have it or seem to have it. But I am too afraid to go anywhere and my trust in others is still limited. At least when they are the “common” people. It is still an issue when people don’t speak german well… I mean, I personally just can’t speak much else than simple english and weird german, but that was because I hurt myself and can’t learn another language although I would be happy to be able to speak other languages. Especially some Arabic dialects, Indian and some native american ones. But of course others as well. I just liked to hear foreign languages, especially the ones from far away from Europe. Usually when I hear european, especially german things I am not really happy and more depressed or angry. Which is not because of the language but the things people sing or how they do it. There are always exceptions.

Someone: Why is it important?

What kind of question is this? I just like that there are many different kinds of people and would be even more happy if all of them would be represented and respected and not just those who know people or where European at some point or whatever.

And I mean, at least it makes people from other countries, mostly far away and often smaller ones, more sympathetic for me because it at least seems that some of them care more for each other than people here.

Here only progress or papers and such things are important and sadly (for some) still where you come from. I mean people who immigrate to Germany for example usually have to go to school again at least for some time, even if they have worked in a field for some time. Usually not accepting whatever they have worked for before. At least it happened to people I got to know and from what I heard. It might also depends on the region and people. Some people here are very welcoming, like my mother and me (if we weren’t such messed up people) or a some people in the village or town as well. Others, even in my mothers family still have or at least not long ago had a problem with foreigners, while one of my mother’s sisters even cared for some people and one even married someone some time ago.

For me it would be: You are human, I am human, we are human. (or something like that) and then no matter how you look or where you live or where you are from, it is great having you. Well, as long as you don’t plan on hurting others and such things. But that is where the problems usually start, when people don’t know what makes sense.

I mean, some men still believe it is good to punch their wife or even think it should be this way or to punch children. Others think that a man should always have a dominant role, even when it makes no sense or is just to get benefits and so on… I mean, it should just be that people stand up for each other and especially for people living in injustice.

There is a long long list with problems and a very small list with good things (so far). While the list of good things could actually be pretty big and the list with problems should be minimal.

Maybe it is just me, I don’t know… but something really stinks…

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