From zero hope to nature dope

What do you mean with: “Cars are not natural and need a lot of resources and toxic and harmful steps to be produced?”

Worker: “I see how they are produced and can approve, no life was harmed.”

And the you show them pictures and videos from some mines and working conditions around the world and they might react with: “That is not okay, who does such things!” Then you try to explain to them that it has been like this for a long time, but it seems all new for them. Especially the realization that you have to dig holes into earth or mountains and that wildlife and people and all are harmed. But then they say that this is how life is now and I ask myself, why I try to even explain it. Okay, I didn’t really talk to many people since it was obvious that they were all trapped or blinded into their work life whatever thingy.

I really should find this photo where I was sleeping on a tree…

Someone wrote a comment that these videos are fake and whether people don’t get it. Then I saw that someone wrote to that person that they probably lost their imaginary girlfriend and have angry voices in the head. And I just thought, does it matter how much money the could maybe earn with this or whether it is fake or not? I also asked myself the whole time who might be behind the camera. 😀

I just think, at least they show some things in nature and don’t make ads for things no one needs.

And the animals seemed also fun.

Settlers of Catan. 🙂

Besides that it was nice to see, that they had a forest around with all kinds of fruits and waterfalls and that.

(So you are stupid, is that what you want to tell us?)

If stupid means, that I don’t need much and would like to have at least some kind of nature, instead of this car and factory paradise next to my window, then yes.

(Oh, that was unexpected, I thought you would get angry about being called stupid.)

And what do you do when your internet connection doesn’t work anymore because there was a major blackout and nothing works anymore?

(Well, eh… I would just use my solar panel and charge my radio)

hm, if you want to. I would finally enjoy that the noise stopped.

(What noise?)

You know, the WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING noise, while somehow the other people just continue as if everything is okay.

(Oh, you meant that they still built cities and cars and drones and stuff?)


(But look, without all that you wouldn’t have been able to get a computer and this internet you use right now)

You do know, that I had to use it, because I was only able to survive in this madness because of it and was totally fine without it when I was little?

(But why would you use something that harms you?)

Ask that the 7-8 billion people on this planet.

(I mean, now that we have the technology, we could also use it in a good way.)

My words…

(You do know that you are writing with yours… well yeah….)

If somehow the traffic would stop and we would, if we would need it, only make things we actually need or want and in a way in which it would benefit everyone and also be made in a useful and peaceful way, maybe we wouldn’t even have to completely live without technology or small tools. I mean, even a branch or some stones randomly lying on the ground could be seen as tools, since you could use them to dig some holes or make sound and stuff.

(No, that would be too primitive, we need advance drilling techniques…)

And I thought you were the nature.

(No, I am just one of the self-dialogue voices you use, to process information which otherwise would be boring if you would write it in a monologue and actually would be boring in general, since you wouldn’t need it, if there would be a problem here in the first place. Especially when you didn’t even cause it, I guess.)

So I should just post videos from other sources without writing anything?


But then it could seem that people misinterpret it or think I want to use what other people did to seem important or whatever.

(Does it even matter?)

Well, it would matter for those out there who would wish to live in a world without all that technology no one really needs, at least not like that and who would just wish to live in forests…

(You mean apes?)

Apes, snakes, tigers, fairies, butterflies, I don’t know…

(You do know that fairies don’t exist…)

Well, and water only comes out of tubes and electricity out of the wall…

(Where else should they come from?)


(Yes, I know this civilized monument)

No, I just tried to think about how to explain it to you.

(I also know that lightning has a lot of voltage and power and that water occurs in nature, but what does that have to do with our modern world?)

Exactly… not much, it seems, because people don’t even get that anymore.

(Now you are very mean and ignorant towards humanity.)

Okay, yes, there are still people who know and people who learn again, but I just don’t know whether that is enough. I mean at some times it was already advances to your stones or bamboo or things to make water go a certain way, now we need plastic, metal and all kinds of solid, clean, fancy colored, smooth and even materials.

(Yes, not long ago people used lead to write on paper and learned the hard way that it was toxic or that chlorine is harmful for the body and bleaches it, as well as all kinds of life.)

But it is necessary to kill bacteria they say.

(Sure, but then you also have an immune system or am I wrong?)

I am not sure when I see some people going to the doctor because of a headache or a little snot…

(People do that?)

People even go there on a regular basis, but I am still not sure whether it is because they want to see the doctor, want to escape work or are really that sick that they are helpless without.

(But some people even have to go there, otherwise people won’t believe them that they are sick.)

Just another example of our well designed society (in the more western or modernized world…

(But I mean, if you were doing all the hard work yourself or really know how and who and what, then I would say it is okay if you use technology or make it. I mean, when you could make sure that it would really not be harmful and produced properly or even by yourself, then why not. Some people even made radios out of basic things or what others would have called garbage.)

Yes, especially people from countries in which things were harder to get and they had to learn it for themselves.

(And I thought that people in the west all go to school so they learn how to do these things…)

They could and should, but after a few years they forget it all again and even if not, they wouldn’t have much of a choice than either work for someone or find a niche or live on the streets and stuff.

(I thought this changed in recent years?)

I don’t know, I hope so, but I don’t really get much news where I live.

(But you have internet and hear and see a lot of things.)

Yes sure, but who tells me that it is true? I mean, I never really were much around.

(The worst part is, when a lot of things could be true and the worst that no matter what the people who really know their science and their nature are losing no matter what… Well, I guess we will find out soon.)

But we have so many well educated people out there, it can’t be that …

(Yes, it shouldn’t be, but when they don’t really look into the things themselves or start things on their own or better with some friends, then there isn’t much we can change. I mean, there are just some people who turned so robotic or mindless because of all the information overflow media gives them or manipulative people, that they need to be woken up.)

i still like these movies in which humanity for the most part died and a few people survived and tried to make things different. Or were just nature survived.

(Me too… but it could be great to live in a world in which there are humans and nature.)

And what about possible other beings?

(As long as they are either friendly or native to earth, why not with them as well?)

But you know that a lot of things are just tales and stories and stuff?

(Sure, but then again, a story about some magical beings might sometimes be at least better than a story about cold and stupid robots destroying all life in the whole universe.)

Yes… yes… I agree.

(And who knows, maybe one day we grow some wings, but I would also be okay with a life that isn’t based around stress and pointless destruction and just what we might actually need or want. Usually not much actually.)

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