Overloaded dreams

Yesterday I dreamed had a very terrible collection of dreams again, although nothing special (for me).

I was in school (the thing which is stuck to me almost the most negative) again.

People were sitting in front of their screens programming them, older computer monitors it seemed, a big one at the end of the room. It seemed like an old operating system or something “retro”. I don’t know where the room was or how big. It felt like a mixture of a laboratory, a class room and a factory hall. (Yes, it felt…)

Then there was a break and I was outside in the area between the school buildings of a school I was in the longest time. I actually was lying on the floor next to the old tree there, although I don’t even know anymore whether there actually was a tree there, but there should have been one. I was sleeping there and when I woke up I heard people screaming and saw them running around. I heard gun shots or at least it seemed as if someone was about to shot. I actually didn’t really hear much, it was more as if I should have heard it. Like giving it a sound, a reason, while I didn’t fully realize it.

Some were hiding behind walls, others just running somewhere and I was just in the middle of the scene looking around, but couldn’t make out the source.

The next moment I had some sort of laptop or tablet computer in my hands. Some people were running to the bus stop.

I opened a messenger or some chat and was asking someone what was going on. And that hell break loose around here, no one knew what was really going on. The other side replied that whole rail tracks were blocking and they just took a train somewhere north. And also that it was worse than all the world wars. A global chaos.

The next moment the computer device turned into a piece of paper it seemed in between a few plastic sheets. And I folded it together.

At a later sequence I found myself running through a big house, seemed like a restaurant or something, everywhere round tables with chairs, clean with tablecloth. Some wooden pillars and a few in the walls, some glass windows. Then a door, but somehow I had to walk another way around. There seemed to have been one of my teachers from the other school. Wanted she to tell me something? I was outside on the street. It was strangely calm and quiet, no people there, just a long empty street with houses on each side, these with multiple floors and filling up everything. Just these wall like houses and the street. It seemed as if it was in France or something.

The people probably ran away?

I don’t know about the rest, but somehow it was peaceful, the sun was shining, it didn’t feel as bad as usually. It felt good, the sun was never my problem, it was what was happening, the stress, the busy people, the noise, the toxic environment it all created. Cars, factories, bells all these lights all these loud and fast things.

All of a sudden even the big houses didn’t seem that scary anymore, they were just empty hollows on a big ball in space. And sun was was shining me hello. As if all would be good. The city was at rest and my soul could rest as well.

But I don’t know about what else happened in the dreams, I just didn’t want to wake up.

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