Nature, this thing we forgot at some point a few hundred years ago and even wanted to get rid off at some point, since it was too wild and made too much noise. So we invented things which made way, way more noise and headaches to finally make an end to it all. FUN!

And the best thing is, the device you use right now was probably made possible by people who died from cancer or suicide. Isn’t it great?! What a wonderful FUCK we live in. 😀

The best part. You can safe it, by putting this device into some corner of your house and unplug it or turn it off or whatever and leave the house to finally go home where you always belonged, nature.

But now where do I find this “nature” thing? Right eh… it is gone. Oh, too bad. So what could we do about it?

Well just rebuild it and see how it goes.

But wait, for that to work we have TO DO something WITH HANDS. Oh no… that is impossible.

I mean, why can’t we just write a computer program which does that for us? Or maybe buy a new car instead and let it drive us around, since they don’t need you to do anything anymore these days. So you could just get in, fall asleep and all of a sudden wake up in front of a cliff while the car thought the road was open, while the bridge actually collapsed. And then you tell it to stop, but it just says: “I am sorry, I didn’t understand your request, did you mean “POP?”. I have 315.1 badrillion pop songs for you to play. Which one do y….” CRASH

Wait, weren’t we talking about nature?

Well, I can tell you one thing. Everything you do right now has a price.

Everything what nature does is for free. Well, at least the things we want.

So yes, eating fish requires fish and also you to catch them, if you really want to eat another animal.

But without plants you can forget everything. I am talking about these colorful, alive things which grow sometimes at some places, you know? Flowers, trees and bushes or even weird mushrooms and herbs and such things.

What would you prefer, the red pill or an apple?

People: If it is an ipad, I take the apple.

Thank you for your request. Playing the track now:

Meanwhile earth: It was good knowing you…

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