F-ever dreams

Yesterday I slept most of the day and did feel a little sick.

But nothing serious for me.

I had a lot of dreams, like about a girl or woman at some point.

I was standing or walking there in some dark place and then somehow she walked there and then we looked at each other in confusion. Like a little scared and unsure about what was going on. She came nearer and looked at me. She had dark hair, probably a little longer or at least it seemed like it, if it wasn’t a dark longer headscarf. She was also dressed with dark clothes it seemed. But also something white or gray. I really can’t tell. Her face seemed brighter or pale, but I am not sure. And I just wanted to hold her and tell her that everything is alright. But I don’t know what happened then.

In another dream I watched a few people running a marathon while wearing flags of imperial kingdoms on their clothes and it looks hilarious how they moved and so surreal. Running through a town, next to a small bridge towards somewhere. More drunk than really athletic, but it wasn’t for the people walking there, more what they were wearing.

Then I also had some other dreams, like on in which someone was talking about reducing the things people would need and that we could reduce this and that and make that all different and so on. And basically going for the basic needs and trying to make the best of the current situation.

I also had a dream in which I was apparently buying a small house somewhere in the middle of nowhere. And there still were things of the previous owner. Like some sport training devices, a lot of papers and also some things in glass showcases. Nothing too special. Also a big sofa and all somehow in one room as it seemed. A smaller seeming TV or some screen as well. And basically a lot of small stuff, like some pencils or pens lying around on a shelf or such things. A little messy, but not worse than my actual house. Probably better actually.

There were trees around, like in a forest. Inside the walls seemed to be out of cement or something like that. Not that natural and comfortable. It also seemed to just be one big room with a door in one of the corners. More like a small bunker than a house from the outside. There also was a weird tube-tunnel system nearby which was said to have been used for the cats. It seemed to just go around the house or something. I don’t know. But it just didn’t fit the forest scenery it was set it. Especially this tube thing. I don’t even know who would build that or why, but then again… what do I know, right?

There also were some other dreams and scenes, but that’s all I remembered the most. I just had so many dreams just yesterday, couldn’t even count them with one hand.

I wonder who that girl or woman was there and what happened, did we visit in a dream? Did I visit her by accident or we both weren’t sure? Or was it just me having weird dreams like usually everything. :/

Hopefully it was good for something.


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