Think Forests

Thinking with or like trees would make a lot of the things easier.

But I hope people are getting there. If not, we still have water and tornado…. woooiiii.

That smile kills. 🙂

And I might leave these plains and wait until I might get away from where I live. I just discovered that my father placed cardboard and tape over the shelf in my shed and also filled a hole in the small wall next to the basement with bright red color to fill the hole. What a life he must have… what a life…

But hey, at least I have unhealthy food to eat and feel even worse, while I would be happy about just having a garden, but guess what, I would have to pay money anyway… even when I wouldn’t want anything. But hey, I guess I am using up space or air or something other people need to cut down trees or even build mines and make people want to go into cities to find themselves homeless or insane after a while. What a life…

Maybe I should just stop eating at all, but I know how that went last time, I was tired.

X: But you are always tired, even when you eat.


X: And that is also not fully true.

Yes… when I change my brain into Homer mode or whatever, I can even enjoy things, it is pretty great to be able to do that, but on the other hand also very scary because when you forget that it was an optional decision to reduce brain capacity, it could get pretty terrible. Especially when it turned out that this mode might make it easier to handle life for a while, but the emotional part and information part are still fully available after leaving this mode again. This was especially painful for me, when against my will it forced me to get back to myself again. Man did I make myself want to die badly. It still hurts, because it made sense again after a while, why it all happened. It is terrible that the human mind is not like a computer you can just make delete itself completely. You can just deactivate things or try to remove brain cells.

X: But why would anyone do that?

Because it is hard to unsee what humans did to each other.

X: But have you seen it first hand?


X: You always complain, but look around you, people are all happy and positive. You must be having a problem.

Damn right I have, I decided to stay when it was time to go.

X: Don’t be that extreme all the time.

Extreme? EXTREME?!

X: Yea…


X: Eh… you know that people had some expectations and some people hoped you were a little less…


X: Yes…

But how, when I got a several brain damages, see that other people seem to have even more and I am still asking myself whether I am surrounded by Androids or actual living beings, like with a sense for feelings.

X: But who needs feelings, emotions and empathy? Only to feel the pain of the animal you will eat in a few minutes? Who needs that…

Maybe people who would reduce their appetite to water and some fruits or whatever?

X: And how should that be possible?

I don’t know, I thought you all were the scientists… I just know that you can’t transform your body and its needs when you don’t at least try it.

X: But the body needs certain things to survive and protein is one of these.

Isn’t it in some beans as well? Aren’t there so many things you could eat instead?

X: Don’t be pathetic.

Hey, I can eat fish all day if I want and would have a place to get wish, that isn’t the problem, I just thought, that it might be at least worth a try.

X: Go on, do it.

I think I will have to go somewhere else for that to be possible, since in most places people want taxes and such weird things and then it doesn’t matter whether you live on a tree, in a cave, on a bench in the park or in a flat, you have to pay that money.

X: And how do you think they will make sure of it?

Have you heard of these people they call tax collectors?

X: Who are those?

Well, they are people who walk around the lands and make sure everyone pays for their life, so the King can enjoy all the people make and make sure they continue giving these.

X: But you do know that we aren’t in the middle ages anymore?

I am well educated sir, we didn’t even reach the middle ages yet.

X: Sorry, but I think I can’t follow you.

Yes, you shouldn’t follow me, I am just a crazy guy who runs around in forests at night. It could be dangerous to follow me.

X: What does that have to do with the times we live in? And I am very sure we got through the middle ages.

That might be true, but it doesn’t mean that things get better the longer it goes. Otherwise earth would grow bigger each day and with it the forests and animals.

X: Are you talking about dinosaurs?

Maybe. But when I look at the health bar of mother earth, I think, that a little rest couldn’t be a bad advise.

X: For whom? Us or the ecosystem?

Both. Well, I mean the nature should grow back and go on, but it is pretty hard when you cut it back even more instead of letting it just grow.

X: So you suggest people should stop working and just be left without work?


X: But then they would all starve because they wouldn’t be able to pay for food or also not grow food.

Oh, I didn’t think about it this way……………………………

X: See, it is important for everyone to continue the way they do.

Look, there was a time when there wasn’t much civilization and …

X: No, no, no, we are not going back now.

You still don’t get it, I am just talking about finally making things which are working and just working and can also be undone and also work forever (if we would want them to). Unlike a lot of technology which either passively or willingly breaks after a few years and then either has to be repaired or replaced. Only to realize that you don’t even need most of it in the end, would the climate be different and we would adapt towards the climate instead of trying to adapt the climate towards us.

And then you could still make a boat and maybe play a drum while singing some song, but then it would at least be something you could do again and again and have fun, instead of building up a steal and glass forest only to show off and say: “Look mother, I built up all these fancy things for you, are you proud?” And then mother earth just washes it away with a few storms. Only to hear: “What did I do wrong mother?” from the fancy city people.

Mother earth: You decided to regress or built your own earth, instead of evolving.

People who decided to evolve: And what about us?

Mother earth: You will live.

X: This is not how I imagined the simulation to end.

Mother earth: What simulation? You can simulate all day long… but no one asks what I want…

X: Silence, you are just a planet, planets have no voice.

People who decided to evolve: confused looks

X: It was perfect, I planned all of it and it would have been a perfect place to be without pain and …

People who decided to evolve: … and life …

X: But it would have been without pain.

Mother earth: Oh man… he didn’t even get that he created his own pain, since I actually made things in a way in which it could have been mostly painless. But hey, who listens to a planet that existed way before the beings living on it…

Random goat: I do. Whenever you have one of your emotional breakdowns spitting out hot lava, I already ran away previously, so I wouldn’t get hit.

Mother earth: Good goat. Good goat. At least someone who listens to me.

X: But look at all the achievements we made, we even invented space ships.

H. G. Wells: Well, actually you stole my idea I just wrote because I wanted to escape from here, but only used it as a metaphorical expression of my feelings. And then some dumb guys decided to actually turn it into reality…

X: And how does the author know that this is what you thought or felt?

H. G. Wells: He can’t, but how would you know?

X: At least I stick to the facts and plans.

H. G. Wells: Rocket science?

X: Exactly.

Mother earth: But you do know that rockets and propellors and such don’t occur in nature?

Some trees:

Mother earth: Those are wings… and I still regret making these. People decided to reference them as example for flying upwards when they were just meant to make the seeds fly down in a funny and great to watch way.

X: I would have called the wasted resources and time. You should have just removed the wings and let the seeds drop down.

Mother earth: But you do know that this way the seeds wouldn’t be able to travel at times when there is enough wind going on and just fall under the tree and probably not grow?

X: Bla bla bla… you are just telling what other people told you, you fake “mother earth”.

Mother earth: At least I didn’t plan on destroying myself.

Fair enough…

Mother earth: But somehow some people did.

But you do know why…

Mother earth: This isn’t and wasn’t an excuse you shit head.

But I just tried to destroy myself and not the whole earth but myself (to finally realize that I would die without it).

Mother earth: Yes sure, you were just overwhelmed with feelings and thoughts others didn’t want to get their hands on, since they were busy ignoring them.

X: I don’t know what you are talking about, I just gave the people something to ease their pain and sorrow.

Mother earth: Yea… first you make them drunk, then you make them do shit and then you take everything from them, falsely thinking that it then belongs to you.

X: But it has my signs, labels and stuff on it, so of course it is mine.

Mother earth: That is like stealing the apples your father and mother collected and later try to make them do things for you so you would return them. Or even worse, like making people give you all they collected because otherwise you would kill them.

X: Nooo, who would do such a bad thing?

Goat: I just eat what I find on the ground or hanging in front of my nose.

Mother earth: Good goat…

X: But I even invented machines to harvest and plant, isn’t that great?

Mother earth: It would at least be interesting, if it wouldn’t have caused me severe pain and also change my health from critical to almost-dead.

X: But I even made sure that everything was done safely.

Mother earth: It is one thing to remove a splinter out of a wound, but another to then use it to continuously hurt the victim with that same splinter until it is dead.

X: But usually a splinter is small.

Mother earth: Exactly… small…

X: I don’t get it. What do you mean?

Mother earth: What would you have done without me…

X: I still don’t get it… why does the splinter matter all of a sudden?

Mother earth: Because somehow a small splinter for you, can be a spear for an ant.

X: Ooohh… and I thought it had a deeper meaning. Besides that, I don’t see many ants with “spears”, what kind of drugs did you take…

Mother earth: I think they call it “human”, but I am not sure whether it is a slang word for iron or sulfur.

Goat: I think you are losing the point of the conversation.

Mother earth: What conversation?

Goat: Yep.

Hey… I am also still here, glad I was able to listen to all of you. It gave me some weird feelings, but at least I feel more comfortable about myself.

Mother earth: You are just useless, even the goat gave me more.

Yes… I know, but at least I was able to make some people happy… before I told them that I was crazy and traumatized because of what happened to you.

Mother earth: This is like saying sorry after beating someone up and don’t say: “But they started first…” please…

Yes mother… I know I was a useless son because I tried to plant things in the garden but they weren’t growing or got interrupted by my father.

Mother earth: No eh… I felt actually pretty sorry for you that you tried to do something useful but somehow people made you hate yourself… I also sometimes hate myself for not being able to support those who loved me or wanted to be with me… but I am actually more angry about the fact that those who should listen to me will never do that and I could only rely on those who were able to trust me.

If some people just wouldn’t have called these people insane for being confused about the nonsense which surrounded them.

X: Hey, I just tried to make their life livable with all this pain I gave them.

Mother earth: You machine heads… I just don’t know whether I should even waste my energy on you. Instead I would like to support those more who would love to be with me and not try to get away from me and all I am, made and gave them for free. Expecting them to be thankful and wise, but instead only see them rip off the hand giving them to eat and drink. And sadly some even do this without knowing because they can’t hear my voice.

X: Yes, I did a good job making everyone hearing or sensing it believe they are not right in the head.

I have no words for this… Even after trying to become like you I don’t know what to say. I just know that being or thinking like you must either feel horrible or ice cold, since it was horrible for me and unbearable. So you must either be a machine or completely stupid to feel good in your role. You might have enjoyed your life and what you made, but I used all of it to hurt myself and make myself go crazy and break myself to a point where I was believing that I caused all of this. What I hoped to achieve because great injustice had to be stopped in my eyes, but I couldn’t even tell anymore at some point because there were so many opinions, so many views, so many words and not much of it made sense. Only in the context of the given madness, of course.

X: But I make sure that everything has an explanation, so I can make sure that there is no room for error.

Mother earth: You and just people like you are the problem, those who are willing to make billions suffer only to fly around in space and make some cool photos while doing so… The amount of pain you gave me all these years and all my children… What do you have for your defense?

X: I made electricity available for the masses.

Goat: I see lightning in the sky. Lucky are those who see when it is time to leave the land in time.

X: This is why I made weather stations and made people look after the weather so I could make sure that I wouldn’t go outside when there is lightning.

Goat: I just listen to mother and then even are safe while it might be stormy.

X: But you are just a goat, you can’t know more than mankind.

Mother earth: Good goat. Good God… what is wrong with you <enter name of every human who tried to control nature and all what lives under the sun>?!

X: I was blessed to be the leader of humanity.

Well, I guess I will just go back into the forest and see what the deer and owls and foxes are doing with their lives.

X: They don’t do much useful things, they walk around, play, make sounds and shit.

Mother earth: At least they do it naturally and without much effort.

X: But I even made gaming consoles.

I must admit, at some point it was fun to play and release some anger.

X: See, the human you didn’t let die for some reason, agrees.

Mother earth: What did you expect him to say after giving him not much of a choice being on his own surrounded by madness. He had to survive somehow.

X: He was just a dumb idiot admit it.

Mother earth: At least he wanted to live by my rules and not yours and even wanted me to destroy him because he couldn’t deal with your ignorance and was broken because a mind wasn’t meant to accept stupidity and madness and logical and sense. It was sad to watch him break like this, but he even tried to be there for his mother and just couldn’t deal with the pain you also caused her to go through.

X: But it was necessary, she was dangerous because she wasn’t fully part of my otherwise perfect system.

Goat: I gotta go doing goat things. 🙂

Mother earth: Have a great time little goat. 😀

Goat: Will do, will do.

X: This isn’t nice that you interrupt this deep conversation about the future of humanity.

Mother earth: Yes, the future you had almost taken away from it.

X: Hey, I just made what people in the past did and improved what they did and made it more efficient.

Mother earth: What a fine word for mass extinction.

X: What do you mean?

Mother earth: Efficient…

Yep… I know why I wanted to stay with plants and animals when I was little… besides the times when I freaked out and tried to kill insects for fun… yeaaaa…..

Mother earth: Imagine me killing humans for FUN…

I did… believe me… but somehow I thought that it was wrong and I also just was angry like you and sadly let it out on innocent insects a few times…

Mother earth: Not only that…

Yea… I know. So I tried to feel good about destroying virtual humans.

X: But that shows you have a criminal mind and are evil.

Mother earth: … oh man… when will he stop.

Hopefully soon…

Mother earth: Yes, hopefully. :/

Edit: In case you don’t know, I learned about these islands and regions in school and also the reason for them. To have a variation of places to go without the need to learn another language and still get served and have all you need. Pretty similar to the English approach and those of other countries. The strangest thing is that people even get convinced that they are something better or important because they pay taxes now. 🙃 The worst thing is when people would actually get along peacefully but then they aren’t allowed because some people decided that some of the people are illegal for some reason.

I liked the mentioning that the government noticed that the island belonged to France.

And felt sad for all the people and the past and also thought about the rising sea levels again.