The wild nature once

Into the night.


Into the dark night.

Like a dark knight.

Feared by those of fortune.

While praised with misfortune.

Only at night it is dark.

At daylight it might seem green.

The armor, not the path.

The path is pitch black unseen.

But only this way you see the moon.

From the valleys to the racoon.

I wouldn’t be allowed to enter anyway.

Neither would I want to stay.

In a city of steel and addiction.

Where the finger points, the direction will never be.

Yet they point, so you might see.

Run when they point, so you might flee.

But run not forever – shouldn’t hurt your knee.

Painfully you search for the great “undo”.

But the context menu is nowhere to be found.

You open it anyway since it always comes back.

Like old times and a dirty hack.

If these lines would be a magic spell.

It would explain the ringing bell.

But all this is, is just a line.

Out there, when I stay between those trees.

Made to be everlasting.

Harvested to be boards for casting.

I see more in the dark than with all the lights.

Scary how the street lights are like the moon.

How safe a dark forest can feel.

Scary sounds from a bunch of foxes.

Some owls and my foot steps.

I know that a tree would never kill me.

I know that I wouldn’t want to harm it.

I know the animals would have all right to attack.

But I know they are scared and run away.

Since all they see is a monster in the darkness.

All they feel is terrified by this ghost.

All the stories they might have heard.

All the hunters they have encountered.

How can it be that this one would come in peace?

I wouldn’t trust it either if I were them.

But I give them a chance to get to know me.

I give them a chance to learn from me.

While all I can offer is to risk your life.

Not the best advice, but then you do it anyway each day.

At least I lay my focus on the things which matter.

Not always, a lot of the time I just waste it all.

Often just wasting away and betraying myself.

When I enter the forest at night it’s pure magic.

Even saying “I enter” feels wrong and obscure.

Each time I risk my life a little, not really sure.

Would a tree could need what I have to offer.

A dying body, a painfully beating heart,

I would even let it play dart.

Would an animal try to attack me,

sure I would run away should it insist.

But would it just be its fear, I could resist.

When I do things, I see what consequences it might bring.

For a bed you don’t need, a bench you don’t want,

trees had to die and birds had to cry.

For a phone or my computer maybe some people lost their lives.

Down in the Chinese and Western hives.

Would they have lived otherwise?

If I wouldn’t have bought it, million others of course.

To help them they make nets to catch a jumper.

Or give them music, visuals and tech.

But even business men know how to break their neck.

Or how do you call a crocodile in a costume?

Some people wear skin, some skin is colorized.

Others make use of plastics, some want perfume.

If we would “conquer” land for once to actually free it.

I would say, just do it and so be it.

But you can’t conquer which isn’t yours.

You can only overdue the hospitality.

Even planets take a bath once a while.

So you better not be a tick or you might drown.

Would it then matter who’s got a crown?

I conquer these lands my lady.

To give it back to you oh earth.

May those who praise your beauty be spared.

But I would live for you and die in shame.

As you are the only one of fame.

Personified in all the wonders of nature.

Destroyed by those who hate you.

You wouldn’t want me to go nor do I.

We need each other, your children as well.

Oh let me just rest under your leaves.

Just let me dwell.

Why do I have to be the steels man.

Why do I have to be your ace.

Maybe because I didn’t miss the space.

If only I could conquer the house I didn’t build.

If only I would not only be strong where you are.

Why can’t I take you with me?

I know, you should be everywhere.

But they have pushed you away and made you bleed.

Placed walls, houses, steel concrete and weed.

If you would rule, I would be wherever you are.

If you would rule, you would be everywhere where I want to be.

Near a volcano, a water fall, a shore, an island or hill.

You would be giving us to eat, to drink and not just some pill.

Those who need you will find ways to help you.

They will walk dark paths, lone roads and cold baths.

Might swim naked in a lake, freezing in winter.

Don’t let them die, when they are all you got.

The love of you oh mighty nature.

Lady from the lake and evergreen tree.

I give you my life – when you will safe your children.

Don’t let me be the green emperor,

please don’t take me.

I am not worthy nor am I strong enough.

Let me be the little loser,

not the big purple poser.

Beat me to death so I might have a chance.

The green knight didn’t give up after he lost his arms and legs.

I know it was your way of showing.

Take my crown – while deeply I am bowing.

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