Humankind 👀

But it only makes sense when you speak german, I guess.

This game this has a lot of potential. Especially the last few seconds (of the video).

He basically talks about a lot of great ideas and similarities to other games and such things, but praises the innovation and less complicated design ideas. I mean, yes, he talks about other things as well. But this game is released in April according to him, I don’t know personally. It seems a lot of things are not ready yet and it could get a tough 1-2 months for the developer team because of all the things they want to improve, modify or change until then.

We will see how it goes. What he said was promising and the visuals were also speaking for themselves, I hope. But you know where the real games are made – in your mind. I mean, really, you could do such a thing as well. Just open the window and let some fresh air in and up you go. Or how some say.

The Best part about Victoria II on the other hand was, that although there was the first world war in the timeline, when I played it, there was no world war happening, instead just a bunch of people got drunk, Russia fought against itself and then the German Kaiser decided to walk to China while India (parts of it) were fighting Great Britain together with Russia. Only to see them give up the fighting all together, while thousands or millions lost their lives, only to start fighting again a few years or decades later, over nothing, since they usually handed out or in a “white peace”. I actually was confused by the meaning of this and first thought it was related to “white” as being European or something. Then it turned out to just be a peace agreement without any conditions. As if that ever happened. Or as if the whole war made sense then. Just imagine the families of the soldiers who died or all the rapes and other necessary casualties, when they hear that the goal of the war was nothing, just war and then no war all of a sudden.

It is a horrible realization for some people, but this is how it is, because it still is, otherwise why would I hear fighting jets flying over my house the past weeks and even some heavy military planes?

Maybe I shouldn’t write so much about games here.

I just try to search for the response code somewhere in the de-compiled codes of Humankind. I mean, I will, should I get my hands on the game at some point, but you really shouldn’t buy it for me. When time comes I will get what I need. A good game always has some Easter eggs or rabbits running around.

Especially when you don’t expect it to be one.

Free candy for everyone.

I remember an advertisement from when I was younger.

It was about some kind of candy stuff and the guy asked the children about whether they wanted different kind of things and they said “No.” and when he asked what they wanted instead they shouted: “MAOAM. MAOAM.”

Well, I didn’t know what happened over there, but from a game I know that even the Romans enjoyed the gum balls and jump roping or skip roping, which is actually very paradox, since these are completely different things, while they could mean way worse things than expected. Ropes… you know.

What I actually thought when I remembered MAOAM:

Jetzt auch in ihrem Kühlregal.

Oder wahlweise auch Kryokammer.

Jedem wie es … ach ne, das war auch nicht so gut am Ende.

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