The cloudy weather

/ /|\ \
/ / /||\ \ \
/ / / /|||\ \ \ \
/ / / / / | | | \ \ \ \ \

As the trees get older,
the branches get bolder,
we empty life’s folder,
when the time is colder.

As the needles get strong,
the branches get long,
we remember a song,
when we hear the gong.

From angelic voices,
we make our choices,
light falls into a cave,
we get out to be brave.

The place where we heal,
can’t be one made of steal,
can’t be one made of glass,
nor concrete, wooden brass.

Where the birds are singing,
and the ants are clinging,
a mantis looking in your eyes,
while nearby the Romans role the dice.

Water will help you see and calm,
oily fruits on some old palm,
the smell of grass and balm,
while touching a flowers halm.

What is there else to do?
If all there is are green and blue?
Only a coconut, an island and you?
And one foot, held in a broken shoe.

The soft sand beneath your feet,
cold water and the sunny heat,
while a few nearby animals bleat,
Wouldn’t want to hurt, for meat.

Lost on the island you wait and dream,
not long ago escaping the silent scream,
against the river, the bloody stream,
you just laid down without the ream.

| | |
| | |
______| | |______

(playlist EU 4 – 83 soundtracks)


  1. Since the reply mentioned nature I was sure you write something about nature and here we are 🙈 i love how you made this look like a tree! So creative!! Never seen this before to be honest!

    And if i was ever in an island i would never want to be hurt because it’s a waste i wouldn’t be able to enjoy nature bcs of a broken leg but I kinda feel you wanted to deliver how nature feels like being on an island needing help, the water won’t take your pain away nor the tree would give you a hand but maybe that’s how nature feels right now! People being careless when nature needs us the most …

    I really enjoyed reading this one!! Great work dear John~ 🌸
    (Until i figure out why WordPress is not allowing me to follow any more blogs, i will try to stop by your blog and read frequently~ )

    Liked by 2 people

    • Thanks. 🙂

      And my apology for the mess you might encounter on this blog (mess is an understatement). You could reach the ends of (my) existence or things you might not have expected. Painful and disgusting things. Sometimes I don’t know where I am and what happens and what is what…
      Because of all I have seen, felt and experienced or thought about. It makes me uncomfortable that all of it is on this blog, but it had to be for a reason. And if it was just to face myself. 🙃😶💀😅

      Liked by 2 people

      • I don’t write positive stuff either! It’s mostly about dark thoughts or cold revenge … maybe stuff I can’t do in real life found home in this blog 😶 I think it’s for our own good! I get to understand you through what your write and how experiences shaped who you are today~ same for me, experiences thought me to never seek revenge because it would never actually ruin the targeted person but my own self instead …

        Liked by 1 person

        • In case someone really did something bad, whatever they did might find them at some point. And then it could break them, when they have nothing to hold onto. Luckily I always had something to hold onto, although I couldn’t really name it because it was without words. And I willingly rejected it because I didn’t want to see the man-made future and thought I couldn’t fight it. But then I figured out that I do just by writing about it and do things I do. So I know it wasn’t all for nothing, but the worst part is, that I can’t trust it. Although I know something actually happens.

          Liked by 1 person

          • Life surely pays every one equally but then us going through negative stuff doesn’t mean we did sth bad, this is life and not heaven so it’s not supposed to be all just happy times … the meaning of life lies in those hard times because we find happiness again and we learn every time what it means to be happy and so we keep fighting for it …

            Writing helps alot (at least in my case) because i dnt know if i should say this as it may sound boring to you but it was where i let all the anger out because had i not i would have maybe committed suicide, hurt myself badly or sth …

            Thank you for your time reading my replies~

            Liked by 1 person

            • Yes the same goes to me.
              As you might find out.
              And of course when someone experiences something bad, it doesn’t mean that they did something bad. Otherwise things like bullying or such things would be “okay”, which they are clearly not (to mention the least problematic things). For me it was more like: “The more bad people avoid to face their badness, the worse it will get later.” or something like this. Hope it go clearer now what I meant. I have a talent to confuse people and say things in complicated, paradox or weird ways. 💫

              Liked by 2 people

              • I did feel confused lol and I felt my replies were not fitting like i tried hard to understand what you are really saying but guess i failed lol! Also felt bad to just punch Like and leave 🥲

                Anyways, i’m sorry my replies may have only annoyed you since they had nothing to do with the topic really …

                Liked by 2 people

                • I also usually think I am annoying and I might be because of a lot of things. But I was never annoyed by you, as long as I wasn’t for you.
                  I like to communicate, I had to “deactivate” the fear of communication for myself after all of what is out there and I basically trusted no one.

                  No one is annoying me, as long as they want to understand things and see beyond their horizon (at some point).

                  I usually just feel as if I might annoy them or that they will run away if they really get to know me. Most people who know me “personally” never really knew me. Which is sad, but I knew when I would speak they wouldn’t understand it nor tolerate it.

                  That is why it usually was painful for me when they then discovered the actual me or at least what is more of me and what I do and think etc.

                  In short: It is great you are here, like a lot of other people I was writing with. Everyone who thinks about nature and how we can’t exist without it is more than welcome. No matter whether they might seem annoying to others (which I can’t tell, but for me you wasn’t).

                  Liked by 2 people

                • Communication as a word is one thing but as a verb it’s quite different, one can’t just talk to anyone because many things make the communication … i suffered from that as well, i thought i can communicate with any one as long as i have something to communicate but then i figured -after all the hurt- that i need to find a certain type of people with particular qualities so I and them can communicate healthily and efficiently… have I? The idea sounds easy and it seems this whole journey of life is all about search … the day one finds all answers dies lol (just kidding)
                  Anyways, feel free to talk to me, i’m someone who doesn’t judge nor does try to change people because they are like that for reasons they know better than anyone else and i have no right to enter their world unless they allow me in …

                  You weren’t annoying to me either it’s just i wanted to understand stuff but it’s okay~
                  I enjoyed it regardless~ 🥰

                  Liked by 2 people

                • What stuff did you want to understand?
                  And I already found enough answers, and died or almost died several times. I guess I am done with it. Although, maybe I will find all answers (again) soon.

                  Liked by 2 people

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