The Rainforest / Der Regenwald

An article about how our current situation, the decline or endangerment of the rain forest (or natural landscapes in general) and other factors are connected or related.

Yesterday me and my mother finished re-watching Nonni & Manni and this ending song just made me cry.

Especially when in the end the older brother was invited to a school in the south of France.

Why are there so many Magnus Hansons on this earth and only a few Jullis? 😦

And you know what happened to Magnus at the end because he didn’t want to stop what he was doing.

Don’t be a Magnus or Nero or those who follow them blindly or your path ends here.

Remember about the children, they are loved the way they are and wanted.

It is their earth, and people like me helped destroying it – I because I gave up and others because they think they are the greatest.

But without these rainy trees, without the lovely bees, where would we be, without that arrow in our knee?

And the people be like: See, I told you he is a bible Jesus freak. This guy really has a problem.

Meanwhile the rain forest:

And some people are still fighting each other…

But the children are crying and dying. 😦

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