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(hey, we didn’t agree on that)


I feel a sense of freedom here. A lot of free space and nature.

Let us move somewhere else.


It looks still very green on this map, but something is odd.

Maybe we should try to find where it comes from.


Well, this was a little bit too far and I think these images aren’t up-to-date, if they even were taken from outer space. Because it still seems “too green”. There clearly must be something wrong.

There must be something in between.


Well, when there are spiders, there at least still must be something to eat, as my mother would say.

But there are way too many spiders for my taste. One is okay, but … just look at it.

Maybe we should go somewhere calmer instead.

Let me see…


Look at this bad boy. This is so green, it almost seems unreal. Luckily someone left a small spot without green, so we can see that it isn’t fake. And I mean, I didn’t make these maps, so I don’t know. But if this thing (it is called island) THAT THING (ISLAND!!!!!!) is real and actually looks like this, then it must be one nice place.

New Zealand:

There is just this one grand line and probably a position where the two trains have to part each other.

People from New Zealand: What train?

Now let us take a look at the rest of this wonderful earth.

North Africa:

I guess life is optional out there.

And what is this big tumbleweed doing there? This isn’t a western?!

How do people survive down there with such big things rolling around?!

(I just used one, but just imagine one for every conflict.)

People: What conflict?

I need something to calm down…


People: Damn, I didn’t know that there were so many conflicts in Australia.

Eh… well.. I just placed some “balls” there. Somehow it ended up in a Y shape.

Oh look, someone shot one of the balls into the goal.

Australian people: But we don’t play this game with the ball. What are you talking about?

You know… ball in ocean, water… water lost. You know?

People: No. You are ruining everything! STOP!!!

Okay, okay… let us quickly move to some places more familiar.


People: HOLY SHIIIIIT! I have never seen it that way! AAAAAAHHH!

Funny part is, they even made a monument for their gods.

See for yourself:

No, not this one. The other one.

No, no, no. You do it all wrong!

STOP IT! Let me show them myself, you are useless! Out of hundreds of images you can’t see the obvious picture. I don’t know what they made with your mind, but now I will show the actual monument I was talking about….

Shit, now I showed them the storage room and failed myself.

People: Yes, the tree!

That one reader: Dam son, he told the truth.

Other readers: screaming

Japan’s mood:

At least that happened after I put all the pictures my cousin took and merged them. Maybe it is just because there were so many different things and that is why it turned out this way, but it is a perfect description of the overall mood, created by a computer algorithm / program to merge images.

Now that we have experienced this hell hole, let us move somewhere else again.

And maybe zoom out a little more again, the up close look was a little too much for my eyes.

South East Asia:

I want to die, holy shit that looks terrifying. Even one of the spiders is horrified.

People: vomiting

Yes, yes… I know. We are soon through this, just one more station.

Echo: Just one more station…


Or to be more precise – Germany:

The “V” marks the relative location where I live.

Now you might ask: But why aren’t there any spiders in Europe? (okay, there might be some in France and Spain, but you know…)

And this question would be a good one. Why aren’t there any spiders… while there is such a big web, I mean net…?

The short answer: I don’t know.

The lung answer: Cancer.

And you know how we call “the last station” in german?


By the way, this video was again blocked and marked for “unangemessen” (inadequately) for some people and age restriction. I ask myself: Why is that? Is it because people don’t like to see the truth or because they think children shouldn’t know what is going on? I don’t know, I just thought the video speaks for itself, but it seems some people think it supports what happened in the past. People…

Just in case you didn’t know, this year was said to be a very cold winter in Germany.

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