An old story of Atlantis

Okay, let me tell a story.

X: But stories are for …

Shut it. Even old people like stories and love to tell some.

So there was this guy, he just came from a weird town. The people there were all just talking what their screens told them. And he tried to tell them, that they should just stop looking at them, but they couldn’t. It was horrible because he felt sad for them. At some point he had to leave because they started to attack him for no reason, just because he tried to get some of them away from their devices.

When he got home, he was surprised by his friends. They had prepared a welcome party for him. After all this time in this town, he also first thought that they wanted to attack him, but they were just trying to surprise him. He then told them what he saw and the party seemed to have come to an end before it actually started.

But then they had a great idea. If the people would always listen to their screens and do what they say, maybe they could find a way together, to make them do and say what they wanted. They made a plan and looked into some books and information online until they finally got something like a plan.

Yes, they did that all in one day.

When they got everything set up, they put their plan to action. And soon after they saw a lot of people rushing outside the town towards their small village. At first they thought, that they now might have come to chase them, but no, they received their messages and came in peace, as some like to say. People embraced each other, cried together, told stories and were confused, some needed help from others. But all in all it seemed like a success. And so it wasn’t all for nothing that this guy went to this town.

To be continued?

To be fair, this isn’t original, I got inspired by a lot of other stories.

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