Dandelion – forgotten flowers

If all people would have reminded themselves of their childhood, maybe our earth would be less (death) factory and more paradise.

By the way, Peter Lustig explained a lot of things very simple and in a good way.

I always enjoyed when the “Löwenzahn” (dandelion) took over the city in the intro like the pest plant it is.

The dandelion, what did you think?

I actually liked dandelion as a child, a lot of it was growing near the factory where I played often with my imagination, my fantasy.

The things I put together might not be put together by others, so I know that I must be creating the pest (plant).

But don’t listen to me, I am just a crazy guy.

People: Okay.

No, that’s not wh….

People: Yes, you are crazy, I know.


(By the way, my YouTube channel glitches around, sometimes only the presented video is shown and all other sections on the main page are gone. Maybe it just happens on my side, but you know what happened to the presented video.)

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