make you sad or feel good?

Anyone can do anything if they want to.

Teacher: You have to do $this.

And then all the students are sad because they can’t do “$this”.

While in reality they could have just played a cool video game about “aliens” getting killed and then try to find out how this game came to be. Because that was my question when I saw some computers and games. I asked myself, what really happens at the core of it. And then I search for information about it (since I don’t have a lab or something at home). Even before I could actually search for much information, I already thought about how it would maybe work and dreamed about it and so on. At some points I even thought that there was a brain inside of it, but that would have been too far, am I right? I mean, not in my computer, obviously, but in some computer.

Chinese government: Did you say something?

Uther governments: He was joking. He must have been.

Chinese government: I trust your advise.

People: shocked

You might ask: “Why did the people give him money because these different words?”

It might have been, that they saw a part of themselves within it.

Otherwise they wouldn’t have been able to read it anyway.

Someone: You make no sense.

The rest of the people: I can see it now.