What took them so long?

Argument: It would cost a lot of money.

Counter Argument: Money is a fictional concept we believe and trust in.

Conclusion: They didn’t want to clean it up because they didn’t want to.

But then when I would say that, they wouldn’t understand why it makes sense and is obvious that they didn’t want to. And like all the other people from the past wouldn’t want to talk about what they did.

For me it is clear that you just need people who want to do something, be it to help others and the environment or on the other side to cause such a mess.

But you can just take people like my father who blamed us constantly for breaking things and doing nothing, while he made us do nothing and broke us, while he himself did break a lot of things (I sometimes don’t even know how and why he does it.). You can’t compare everything, but sadly my father is somehow a good example for how the governments and people with power work.

Pontius Pilatus: “I have washed my hands in innocence. But first I made them think what I wanted them to think, so in the end they will make a decision based upon my idea, so I could say that it was theirs, while I just played with myself.

Or as my grandfather used to say: “Lass net alles so an di’ na.” (Lass nicht alles so an dich ran.) (Don’t let everything get to you like that.) Basically, ignore what you can’t handle or can’t change.

And then, what does happen?

I made the mistake to let everything, literally everything “get to me” and you know how I feel and what I think and know and see. 🙂 I probably should have listened to my grandfather, but I wanted to know the truth.

And these things here, again, they aren’t new, people have known for decades. Here and there people have said things and shown things, but nothing really happened. Until now?

I hope you understand when I am skeptical, but I can only give my last hope into some people out there who are able to see the bigger picture. Most people are too naive or helpless.

Dependence means control. Control means power. Power means ???

When you want to play God, you need power.

Well yes, it seems we will meet, again.

And do you think it is worth risking your future to uncover the truth or live a lie so you can sleep well?

We have lived decades or centuries within lies.

Why haven’t you done a thing?

If it was depression, fatigue or fear, I can understand.

But then why is it still here?

In my head it was spinning and I couldn’t talk.

For me it was, that each year all of this happens all at once, for me it happened all at once.

And for me it seemed pointless to live a life because it wouldn’t be a life anyway.

They have taken my will to live because they made me think that it is pointless.

When I embraced fear to make me die, I found the will to live, which I threw away in a trial to escape this hell.

Only that it came at a high cost. Luckily I know, that things which might be able to kill you, don’t always have to.

I can only survive as long as I accept that I could get killed or tortured in the most gruesome way.

If I would fear it, I would be dead already, my only fears are, that everyone dies or that nothing changes in the long run and those who want to change will disappear one by one. As it always was, in the long run.

Accepting to being killed, to see others die or getting tortured, doesn’t mean it has to happen, but it can.

It shouldn’t, but I think we know that it happens and happens all the time, somewhere at this moment.

And it can even be done easily, since you can brainwash people with media, documents and good talking.

The ministries in Germany always push things away from them. Why? Because it is none of their business.

Technically they are right because the people are those who give it power and say what it shall do.

So why is it, that it doesn’t? Well, because it is a smoke screen (as some say) or a bag of shit lit with fire thrown into your living room. Then, instead of using water or a bucket to either take the air or, you know, extinguish the fire in some way which makes sense, you stamp on it with your foot. Only to let the shit out of the bag and then it sticks on your boot and maybe your carpet.

Or as some say: “Der hat wohl Dreck am Stecken.” (he must have dirt on his stick –> he must have skeletons in the closet / blotted one’s copybook).

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