“Legal” Crimes

When lies tell the truth and truth is a bunch of lies.

Back again with some clips from one of my favorite shows.

I will add again, that this is around 30 years old material.

But you will know why it might be interesting, after watching them.

Side note: My real name is still John, but no, I neither wear masks or have weird hands.

I think it speaks mostly for itself, although I might want to add, that it is of course just a story and if you believe some people, than even in the 40-50s no one made weird experiments and of course not afterwards.

Because who would do such a things… get real people. Really.

Do you know that recently some news channel reported about deaths because of vaccines?

Probably, at least when you have some sense of self.

But did you know that soon after some German channel presented a doctor or someone who was dressed as one and who then said, that these people already were old anyway. Basically trying to explain that they would have died anyway since they were old, while trying to say that the vaccine (or whatever) was not necessarily the reason for it, but could have of course supported an earlier death. Soon after a lot of vaccines weren’t allowed for elderly people, while on the other hand they were said to be most threatened, then all of a sudden children, then all of a sudden we have lots of mutations, and so on…

Do you know that there is also an episode in this show in which they made experiments with people in these places for old people?

But despite all these “fictional” things, my own grandmother once got into a hospital because of her heart. It was clear that it was only the heart. Then they gave her some pill or tablet. After she had taken it her whole throat burned like hell and she almost died because of it. She later talked with the staff/leading doctor there that she never wants to take such a pill again. Turned out that it was an experimental pill against something thyroid (gland) related.

Do you still believe that such things can’t be?

Just a few years ago some people had written a lot of creepy stories related to these things.

The problem is, that you have to write stories because no one wants to hear the truth or can handle it.

Well not “no one”, but most people wouldn’t and would prefer to hear lies, I guess.

Stargate also had a lot of episodes related to such things, as you might have already understood.

I will never forget this one episode, in which they had the show in the show and the general said, that the people wouldn’t believe it anyway, so they could broadcast it.

Or as the agent in the beginning said: “It will blow your mind.”

Oh and now you might say, but you messed up the quote, but then again, does it matter?

If you say: “Of course it does!”, then maybe I shouldn’t have shared this with you, because if you can’t finish the quote yourself, someone else will surely do. And then it might fit your belief and you will feel safe, when all of a sudden this music starts to play.

Well, okay, there probably wouldn’t be any music, since we aren’t in a movie or game or anything.

So you really should question a few things for yourself.

The most important question related to this episode: “Would you want medicine or the result of (some kind of) scientific research, when a lot of people must have died because or as a result of it?”

When you can’t answer this question for yourself and also can’t understand the importance and level of it, go on, take your medicine, get your vaccine and live your life.

If some of you now might think: “But how can you say that after all of these things?” – then maybe grab yourself from behind and say that again. I am not the one who killed people and yet I am guilty.

Do you understand? Because you are guilty like me, if you would knowingly ignore and continue as if nothing happened.

Maybe some day people will understand why I am have the wish to be dead, while I wish and want to live.

And if you still say, that it is all just a dream or a story, then don’t come back and beg for help, when you realist it wasn’t. I so damn wish it would be, but it doesn’t work that way, does it? We wouldn’t be where we are if all of it would be. But it doesn’t stop us from hope. Don’t you give up now.

You can laugh all day and make weird jokes, but when it knocks at your door, you better be prepared.

It won’t be me.

I hope you have enough sleep now.

No really, I hope you have enough sleep, we need time to heal and relax.

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  1. Makes perfect sense John. Thank you for saying the truth. You might want to look at Tony Sayers on YouTube as he speaks perfectly clear like you do. Sending you lots of hugs and love.

    Liked by 1 person

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