Pflegenotstand / Nursing Emergency

A song about care taking and nursing and how it is often underpaid, hard and ignored, while a lot of people needed it and still need it. There are people who want to help and do work there, but have a lot of struggles and feel left alone. The most important things are usually the most irrelevant when it comes to power and support from “upper class” people. Probably because they don’t need it, since they have their private things and so don’t have to care about how miserable some people feel and are treated.

A nurse or care taker isn’t a machine and as my mother used to say: “Even machines need care once in a while.”

But for some people it seems that even machines shall do that for themselves and at best get rid of these “useless” people who aren’t needed. (I hope you understand what I mean.)

Those who might love to help others because they want to help, are usually those who are left alone in our modern world. And as she sings about what people often tell her or others in these jobs, that “she has chosen this for herself”, so it is basically her fault in the eyes or minds of others, since she could have known that the situation is miserable. This only is a late call from something which wasn’t okay from the start on. Without people who help others, our beloved humanity won’t survive. And because of all these negative developments (but luckily still some people deciding to help anyway) the ignorance, acceptance and silence about it grows. As if it was normal or inevitable what happens everywhere. And for years or decades it was said that people in nursing or care taking are needed or searched and also other areas related to it. But because of payment (since some people only look for numbers and don’t care for people) a lot wouldn’t even get close there, others because of possible things they can’t or don’t want to do (like cleaning someone, I personally also would have a problem with it, but because I have a problem with interacting with people in general – not because I think I am “too good for [doing] this” or whatever).

It isn’t an attractive thing to do, while for some people it might still be because they actually care, despite all problems, want to care for others, which should actually be a basic human thing. Even animals do that better in some cases than we do. When the second wolf in rank goes to the lowest and gives them some food because all the others wouldn’t let them eat. Does the wolf get paid for it? No, of course not, they don’t know anything like that, but we humans have developed this great thing like “money”, so at least use it responsible and not, as it usually is used, to manipulate, control and torture people and make them dependent.

With or without money – although I personally would wish it would be optional – we need to help people who help others. We live in a world and societies in which helping (in whatever form – but really helping) is seen as unimportant, although many need it and are happy to have it, when in need. And when people who want to help don’t get the recognition they deserve and need, how should they be able to really help and be able to do it in the long run. When it is normal to not do such a job because of the conditions, you should really ask yourself, since when are humans garbage products?

A lot of us might be broken and weird sometimes, but does it mean we aren’t allowed to live? Does it mean we are faulty products? Trash? Monsters?

It won’t stop when those who want to help are treated like shit.

When they are scared away, when they feel left alone.

If most people weren’t trapped or forced into doing “more important” things, like creating the next new car no one needs because others did a good job on making it necessary. Or playing games with the lives of whole populations because they won’t have to pay the price themselves.

It is easy to go “harsh into judgement (court)” with people who think different, when you aren’t in a position to be judged. It is obvious why the world runs as it runs, because a whole bunch of madmen took the lead while presenting themselves as the great and good and honest, although those who can think a little, know that most of it, if not all, is just a facade. Still most people seem to vote for them, or do they?

When you see the full picture, how can you not go crazy?

This madness went on for far too long!

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