World ruler

If you would be able to develop a plan to rule the world, but not make people live their lives in a responsible way, would this mean this plan was already made?

In other words, when you consider the world the prison and garden it is or was, then how was it possible for an ant to destroy it?

Why are some animals more responsible for themselves and others than humans?

And the most important question, is it possible for a parasite to take over the control without anyone noticing it?

Luckily we aren’t living in a world in which only a few decide about the lives of everyone else and especially all life there is.

Yikes! That almost sounded like some kind of conspiracy theory.

But it is good that only the best of the best get to the top, as usual, because they very/were so good to everyone else.

So this means that I am basically on the train to Siberia again?

Oh, you ask which year we have, well, I guess it is time for a big break after all the hard work.

Oh, you ask why I am not doing anything against this whole situation and just sit here staring at my screen?

These are questions only an intelligent person might be able to answer.

People: But you do know that you are having all “symptoms” of a very stupid, naive and crazy person.

Yes, yes I sure know that, this is why I know that my cover is bad.

People: Which cover?

You know… just the cover that I know things I don’t know, while that might just be a second layer cover.

People: Layered cover? What does that even mean?

Don’t you understand? Only an idiot can survive in a game of an idiot.

People: But this would mean that I am smart. No wait.

Now I am confused (no, not really) because I thought you indeed were more intelligent than that.

X: Anyone can throw around a bunch of words. It is up to others to trust and believe them.

People: See, you play with our trust and make us hate you and also feel as if we get played with, while we knew from the start that you are just an ignorant piece of junk.

X: Not in this tone!

People: Ignorant piece of candy.

X: Better…

But what have I done to you?

People: You messed with our minds on a primitive level, even a child could have done better.

And then how do you know that I am who you think I am?

People: But you gave us all information about you someone would need to find and kill you, only an idiot would do that.

X: Damn right! Wait a sec… OH CRAP. He did it again.

People: What? And who are you?

X: No one. Just a friendly shadow who got reminded that there is still open business.

People: What kind of business.

X: You know, just checking some data and … well, gotta go.

People: Eh… yeah sure, I guess.

The hell is this?

People: Yep.

Very happy people:

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