Un/intentional h/um/ror

I meant tumor.

Because there is a machine in my screen.

I mean, I am still looking at a screen.

Why would someone want to restart it?

You can’t restart a machine that never worked.

People from the 20th century: Wait, it never worked? That explains why it could only give the same instructions over and over again.


public static void main(string args[])
- #region "The Machine"

object sanity = "SEND HELP!";
while (true) {
  Console.WriteLine("Business as usual");
  if (sanity.equals(1)) {

Console.WriteLine("Test successful passed!");// Remove this line after successful testing this prototype


+ #region "Hidden Comments"

// (┛◉Д◉)┛彡┻━┻

Console.WriteLine("Sanity level: " + sanity);

// Feedback - Brian: Steve, you should have put the output inside the loop - thx
// Steve: .o=(O_O)=0
// Feedback2 .- Brian: Nvm, I see the problem now...


People: I can only read “SEND HELP”, “Business as usual” and “Remove this line after successful testing this prototype.

What if one of my sides is laughing about how silly this last clip was because it was only what a child would think about? Would it mean that it would do worse things instead? If that is the conclusion you make, you might be less understanding than I expected you to be.

Because as I said, knowing the evil you might be capable to do only gives you the realization that it makes no sense to do it in the long run.

Would it justify a crime? – No.

What is better – knowing that you could be able to commit the worst crime in history, while being able to see the beauty of the whole universe beyond all that, or knowing nothing and only see and do what others allow or tell you to do?

The best detective might be a monster.

But then what is a monster? Wasn’t it that they are all evil and killing everyone?

People: Why do you always have to be so radical and painfully accurate (you are not, but we “like” you anyway) *whispers* How can we get rid of this thing?

Me: Hey, I heard that.

People: We were talking about the machine.


People: Hey, you were the one who told us about it. (No you weren’t, we knew it before, but thanks anyway).

Me: Oh eh… well thanks, I guess. 😄🙃

Worried one: He is alright, isn’t he?

Broken audience: He is, we are sure he is.

Worried one: Oh good because I never really know what to get from these and what to expect. I just hope he survives this mess because he seems like one decent guy.

Random reader: I wouldn’t call that “decent”, more like terribly mentally disabled in a way almost acceptable. Meaning the kind of information which comes out of this damaged mind or whatever that machine… eh… human is.

Peter: Did you just call him disabled and “ALMOST ACCEPTABLE”?!?!?!?!

Worried one: Guys…


Worried one: GUYS! STOP!

Peter: *heavy breathing*

Worried one: Okay, I guess it is time to play a game.

Audience: I didn’t expect you to enter this kind of scenario. Weren’t you the one responsible to keep everything under a healthy level and make sure that no one freaks out?

Worried one: Yes? What were you thinking? I was just talking about letting him play a game so he can calm down again and maybe forget for some time that his non-existing life is in ruins and he just made it worse for everyone else.

Intellect: Technically speaking he only exposed and combined parts of the already fragile existence of humanity and therefor didn’t add additional damage to it. Therefor it was only logical to do what he did.

Septic Skeptic: Isn’t that just justifying actions which could have been prevented if he would have decided against destroying his own mind, while leaving it with major damage and a failed mission, since he still got too many brain cells left to repair (some of) it?

Worried one: Guys, as interesting your conversation might be, but I think his mental health is on a level which should be not stressed any further, although on my imaginative screen it tells that it is on subnormal level, which actually scares me.

Intellect: Subnormal level, what does that mean in this context?

Worried one: That he is actually less stressed than the typical human these days, which is unusual and can’t be correct.

Intellect: Could it be a system malfunction?

System: OVERFLOW flag triggered.

Intellect: That explains it, but that would mean that the level is actually higher than the maxim…

System: EMERGENCY LOCKDOWN! In 5…4…3…2…1

Worried one: Told you he should play a game….

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