The risk of death

In order to survive, one risks to face death.

Without all this need for “progress” and “new” things, we would possibly be further away from death.

If you eat a fruit or salad or maybe some beans, chances are lower that you get infected by some kind of disease. Eating a human is equal to eating an animal, the only difference is the perspective. When you eat a human, you eat one of your kind and when you eat another species you don’t. Yet you eat one of your own, if earth is the mother. Then eating sheep, snakes, dogs, pigs and any other being, would then be like eating one of your own, like eating yourself. So why is it that those who follow this cannibalistic monstrous desire of eating one of their own are crazy, but those who eat other species aren’t? Wouldn’t the one eating berries in a forest or eat flower be less crazy? And then they say that there could be worms and disease spread there, all kinds of horror stories, while the alternative might often be worse. Isn’t it that in cages you get sick? Isn’t it that there could always be sickness at some point, especially when you fear it so much, that you let others die, so you might live? Isn’t it that by taking away the basic instinct of survival and natural ways, that you commit the biggest crime(s)? As long as others have to die and pay the price, which usually was the case to this day, then it would have been better to face the fear and sickness themselves and maybe survive or die.

To make it clear, death should be prevented and we can live long, but not when we are obsessed with it and especially not when we let others die for it so we can live.

Now some might say, but exactly that happens, others die so a few can live longer. Be it through weird medicine and (secret) experiments, letting others do work you can’t or don’t want to do or simply by causing long-term damage to all life (nature) in the search for something which might not even exist, at least not in the way as if you could “find” it somewhere, like a holy grail or eternal well.

The answer can only be found inside you and through decisions.

Why would you give medicine to those who could die from it, while not being sure that it might work at all?

Wouldn’t this imply that you are not knowing what you are doing or knowing exactly what you do, but can’t tell because otherwise it would be obvious what you try to hide?

You can’t develop medicine without sacrifices.

This sentence is luckily not true, but sadly usually still the case.

It depends on what a sacrifice might seem to be for you?

If only one human would be immune to something, while billions aren’t, would it make sense to squeeze every bit of this human out to hopefully develop some kind of medicine? Only to realize that you have no idea what you are doing? The worst part is, when someone is so obsessed with their work, that they forget where they started and how.

Who benefits the most and why?

Usually the most ignorant and controlling ones because they enjoy their power.

When you force someone to use something which might even be deadly, while they might even be able to live without it, isn’t that equal to the ethics of a genocide?

Would I trust a single one of those who claim to have the cure, I would be most willing to help them as best as I can. Sadly I can’t because I know how it came to be. Sadly I can’t because I know where the evil lies.

Everyone is allowed and in the full right to call me a devil or whatever monster they can imagine, but then where have you forgotten yourself?

I don’t say that everyone is a monster or devil, I don’t say that everyone is evil, but usually evil got power because kindness didn’t want any. It makes no sense to rule over others and make them do things when you have true love in your heart. You might cry, scream or feel tired because no matter what you do or try, they continue. It is easy to control the few which are strong, when you control the masses which aren’t.

If you cut down one tree after another or all at once, they might die all anyway. But if instead you might plant some, they could fall down for you or greet you with their kindness.

If you don’t understand that the system in which we live is the problem, you search for answers inside a box, while the answer is on the outside. It is like trying to find where you are, while you are in a box without light. One the outside you hear noise, you hear voices talking, you hear and feel that there is a stone path the truck they transport you with is driving down. A few holes in it, then a very big one, the box almost falls down. You hear something like a loud engine, maybe an air plane passing by. A hock of a train in the distant. More voices. Then the engine of the truck stops and footsteps are coming towards the back of the truck. They grab the box and pull it on the ground. Now tell me, where are you?

We really have resources, space, people willing to help, but what we don’t have is actual help and understanding of the situation in most cases. These people understand, but there are many who just want to help when it is okay. And guess what, I also had my problems with it. My excuse was, that it seemed pointless, since it seemed that those who want everything for themselves would get us anyway.

And they won’t stop hiding behind their pointless papers until all is over.

Is it even legal to put the lives of millions on risk because a few thousand want some new cars?

Why do you want a car? So you can work? So you can pay for your car?

Why do you eat? To work, to eat?

Why can’t we settle down, remind ourselves deeply of the past and the resulting future to hopefully get into the present to change the course. Is going backwards going forwards?

In an optimistic approach you would have a starting point, then a line moving away from it in a curve. It got lower and lower then to the opposite of the starting point only to move upwards again and finally reach the starting point. Like a line you would place around earth, at some point you reach the point where the line was starting, leaving it as a circle. Then you realize that it was indeed pointless to go away from the starting point, but you did it anyway.

But it would only be pointless, if you would have reached the starting point with the same knowledge you had when you started. Then it would really be pointless. So the question is, why haven’t we reach the starting point yet as a whole, while some have reached it long ago or maybe never left it?

Leaving most of us spiral through life without the hope for a destination or anything actually, just some distractions of a vortex sucking everything in to spit it out elsewhere or drowning it all.

Stable means, that you can live and feel good where you are, the environment, you yourself and also to have someone with you. Maybe a partner, some friends or a family. Or when on your own, at least not completely, to have some people to go to when you have to, want to or need to. And only then you can leave “the point”; the safe place to maybe circle or spiral or draw lines in million ways, as long as you always know where you started, where you can be safe and everything just works, is just good the way it is.

We as humanity should all find this “starting point”. It doesn’t have to be the original one, like the place you were born because for many this place is a hell on its own, like it is and was for me, still living there, but a place you can call your home. A bird builds a nest out of bushes and plants, on trees or hills and doesn’t have to ask for permission or care about all that. Why can’t we give a “nest” to those who haven’t one? Why can’t we at least try to go a different way? Risk something to hopefully get something beautiful, a world in which children want to live because they are loved and see love all around them, unlike what they usually get.

Instead of buying a TV you might plant a tree with a child on their birthday or a few bushes, some flowers and all kinds of other things. Without them, we won’t need to reach the “starting point” or the safe haven because we are about to destroy it. Some children still know it and some older ones as well, like I myself.

Just don’t make the mistake to confuse evil doings and bitterness with nature. Some beings decide to be evil and others didn’t learn any better. But isn’t it wiser to help people as best as possible in supporting them, instead of letting them down and alone?

Isn’t it that we could solve most of the problems if we would solve our problem of ignorance and illusion towards others and our ways? If you can’t understand why one might do an evil thing, how can you tell what you do is good?

We lost the sense of natural community in the cold walls of warm central heating.

Heated with the bones and flesh of those who died because we wanted warm, while they had to freeze.

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