Surviving in a horror show

No matter how horrific the scenario might be, one thing is for sure, someone made it possible, so there is a reason to stay and trying to survive it. Without a negative action, there might not be such a development.

This means that no matter what things you might witness or experience, you have to survive it because in order to catch those who made the real horror, you have to be stronger than them. And protect those who might not be able to right now or aren’t anymore.

What is the magic of a screen compared to a real scenario?

It is highly likely that you won’t be harmed by whatever happens on that screen – except for possible heart attacks of course, in case you have a weak heart, but then it has to be strengthened somehow and what better way than through harmless things which still stimulate it?

You better have watched and experienced a million deadly scenarios in games and movies instead of facing that one scenario in which you could die without ever going through one of them in a form of training before.

Wouldn’t you agree that it makes sense to better watch a horror show as a child instead of experiencing it?

And now it might be “You learn on the job” (or on the run).

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