Street lights

Do you know that once in a while the street lights in my dark and industrial road have their own will? No? Well, now you know.

Of course this is no big deal as nothing is, since we live in a very great world without any problems, I just write about it because it was interesting. I really should get a new word for these, but “interesting” is just the word I use whenever I don’t know what to say. So basically all the time.

And I know what you think: “But you write and talk all kinds of garbage all the time you stupid shit!”

I know… I know… but I didn’t learn any better…

Back to the lights.

Sometimes I figured that some of the lights weren’t on and I thought, yeah well maybe they just broke or had a lose circuit or something. And sometimes it might have been that some of them were kept off for other reasons, maybe saving energy, who knows. Would at least make sense, since at night the village is dead silent anywhere (except for a few people working in this shady factory) and no one (except for me) would walk down there in the middle of the night anyway, but hey, we got lights, so we burn them, I mean light them…

Now for some reason they were all out in my street and the neighboring street, just in a radius around my house. Fair enough I thought, maybe they are finally doing something for the environment. While I actually was a little spooked out by that, since it doesn’t happen that often that the big factory building is pitch black and all lights are out (at least on the streets). Usually there is at least some kind of emergency sign or the entry door lit up, but now nothing.

My father, as always when there is nothing – I mean, something – not in order, asks the towns energy department (or how that is called) or at least someone related to it. Turns out they had also no clue why that happened and were searching for it already.

And I was just thinking: “Damn, that escalated quickly.”

I mean it is nothing new. They have high tech, but still don’t understand the actual thing it seems.

Anyway, when I was walking around outside with my mother recently, we walked passed one street light which was off and when we walked beneath it, it turned on. Funny thing is, when we walked under one of those who were on, it turned off. Felt pretty weird, but for me this was of course nothing unusual.

Okay, a little bit as always, but not as if I haven’t had such things already. It was just strange to see it like that.

Remember? I did tell you that my mother also used to make the light go out or even disturb the radio or such things when she was maybe my age or at least before her time in this village with my dad. And that happened when she was “loaded”, like angry or something.

This might explain why the lights won’t shine. Well or someone just played around with the energy system to fool me, or something burned out somewhere or this or that – you name it…

The most interesting part (yes, I did it again – interesting) was, that one night all lights were off, but the room(s) facing the living room (where I usually am because I am a broken lazy idiot in a house) where lit. It might be just one room, but there are three windows, so I am not sure. It made no sense to light that room when everything else wasn’t and there weren’t any cars. At least not as far as I have seen. Maybe on the back, since there are usually people all the time it seems, but not on this side (the factory building is split it separate companies and a private sector for the owner of the whole thing – the guy who bought it after the furniture company got bankrupt).

Since my childhood there usually was the front door having a light on and one or two of the towers on the street between the factory buildings, but then nope. Or lights where no make sense.

For the factory part you could say, that they maybe try to scare away burglars or whatever or that maybe the guard sits in one of these rooms, but the street lights are supposed to be on, according to my dad and the town administration.

If I would have gotten turned off lights in the whole village like all the time, I would have been totally fine I guess, but now that is just weird.

Especially when the technology like my computer and the house electricity is working.

It would scientifically speaking only make sense that the street light system has a problem.

But well, maybe someone likes me. 😀

subroutine screaming intensifies

biological parts calming

1.5 years later they finally arrived. Man and I thought ships were slow.

I mean in a country like Ohio… sorry… I mean in a country like China, which can – according to some sources – build hospitals, train stations and so on within a few days or weeks, it is shocking that it took them 1.5 years to finally let people investigate this case.

Must have been a big station they built down there.

People: Wait a minute….

If your question, as usually (besides: “He must be completely insane”) would be: “What the hell is it trying to tell us?” then you would probably be a typical human being.

If you don’t have this question and don’t think I am insane, then what the hell are you doing here on this blog?

I mean I should of course ask myself this same question, but then again, I probably shouldn’t have survive my childhood anyway. But since I am here, I guess, let’s just see what happens.

By the way, as far as I know Season 1-4 of Stargate SG1 are available now and X-Files Season 1 as well.

Just in case any family members are interested, I mean other people don’t visit this blog anyway, do they?

Personally there is no real point in me writing here anymore and I couldn’t stop myself from using the computer. So I guess that is that… But at least I found a way to calm myself down.

And visiting this page is basically a fun thing to do anyway, isn’t it?

How do you outplay someone who knew that neither helping nor ignoring others would be an option?

If the answer would be: “You scare them.” then you might have chosen the wrong path.

Me: *looking into the imagined mirror, while still typing* About that…

My level of intellect is basically so deep, that even the umbrella corporation would have not reached it.

Now you might think, how can this man or thing be still alive, when he has only one brain cell?

Well… even a “protozoan” can outsmart everyone else.

People: Stop showing us parts of this X-files whatever show!

Then WATCH it for yourself.

People: No, I have more important things to do and I already know about that.

You already WHAT?!

People: Know about that…???

What do you mean, you know?

People: That some humans can be assholes like you.

Excuse me what?!

People: Yes, you force us to watch something we didn’t want to watch and might not be appropriate content for us anyway. God behold what could happen to children accidentally stumbling over this “website” or demonic chambers of madness. You should be hold responsible for the crimes you made by writing these things! BECAUSE OF YOU MILLIONS COULD BE DEAD!

Because I wrote a book?

People: You call that a book?

People who put the different papers and books of the bible together:

Also the same people:

Me: Does this mean that I can walk out free and live with everyone else?

Some people:

Me: Does this mean that I should give my life and die now because some people decided that we should give our lives anyway? No, for real?! And yes, I know that it is highly questionable to use such an image related to the rest of what is written here. But I mean, at least I just use an image (which actually represents parts of my opinion and belief) instead of putting people into camps somewhere far away and then let them go crazy there or crazy here or everywhere?

People: Hah… he really thinks that he knows a thing. What camps, there aren’t any.

Me: Do you mean…

People: … that there aren’t any plans to really help people? Oh, you are such a smart boy.

Me: I am a protozoan.

People: Yes you ar… WHAT?!

Me: I am a paramedic.

People: Okay, now I won’t give this damn voice another second of my important life. He is clearly not right in the head.

While a few people try to “safe” the world, their world, I am sitting and thinking on how to safe mine.

There are also some interesting (okay… yes…) things about plants somewhere in these dark pages of doom, but you probably already got those for yourself.

And I really want to put some in the garden this year and nothing will stop me from doing so.

People: Except you yourself as always.

Except you yourself as … hey wait a minute, do you try to manipulate me?

People: We? No, why would we do ever do that?

Oh good, I just hope someone would actually safe earth or children or someone who deserves to live in an actual… (okay yes).

People: Yep, we know… there is nothing we can do.

I know. (presses the red button)

People: Nothing happened.

Yes, because it was a timed thing.

People: But I don’t see any timer.

A few seconds later, after still nothing happened.

People: Oh, now I get it, it was a prank.


Something like: “Whoever thinks evil of this is a scoundrel.”

How convenient that we might be in a position to test these ones out pretty soon, while getting rid of unwanted thirds in the way. And with “we”, I mean “us” and with “us” I mean those who probably want this kind of technology anyway.

People: But why would anyone replace humans with machines or totally get rid of them?

World leaders every once in a while:

Eh… did I say DYING ROOMS?

No, sorry wrong “chat”.

I just meant:

So you couldn’t even access such information in the first place.

People: But why would they do that?

Oh boy, I tried to explain it to my dad for years now, but he still believes in his banking account.

People: Yes, that is normal.

Sure it is, sure it is…

People: So you try to tell us that the EU now also wants to filter the EU officially, like China and other leading factor… countries are doing already?

No, why would I? I mean it was filtered all the time, just now it is officially.

People: But that is great, then finally all these weird people who spread rumors and fake news will disappear.

Yep, they probably will disappear, I mean, otherwise people could get into thinking and who wants that.

People: As if you are thinking, you are just writing down what randomly comes in mind.

How did you know that? Did someone tell you?

Someone: We just knew.

Reader: Wait, that reminds me of…

Someone: But you can’t always just put together such things and leave us with this weird wabbly thing. Why do you do that to us?

Reader: I have to go to the toilet now.

Me: Hey, that’s what I just wanted to say.

Reader: You read my mind.

Me: Did I?

Reader: I thought… I thought the whole… I thought…

Me: Yes, go on.

Reader: I thought the whole concept of this is that you created this because of reading other people’s minds?

Me: Did I ever say that?

Reader: Yes, on several pages.

Me: Hm… must have been coincidence.

Reader: No wait, but… you wrote that there isn’t coincidence.

Me: Did I?

Reader: Stop writing what I am supposed to ask myself, I mean you.

Me: But when I stop writing, will things stop from happening?

Reader: I don’t know, I guess not?

Me: And when I would really stop doing (what ever this madness is), would you promise me that you will be alright?

Reader: You made this a madness in the first place, how should I be alright when you go?

Me: Okay, I should really stop playing cards with myself.

Reader: Playing what?

Me: Never mind.

Reader: You should focus on saving people and not make their lives even more miserable then they already are! And didn’t you say that you want to go to the toilet?

Me: Yes, I did, but you don’t stop asking questions.

Reader: I understood where I went wrong. My apology.

Me: There is no time for apologies, we have an earth to safe.


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