Where to stop?

When you have to beat your enemy, you have options.

You can wipe the enemy out, but then you are not better an might be your own enemy.

You can convince them that it makes no sense to fight you or fight at all.

It is possible to make them see the outcome of their actions, so they might give up without any more fights.

And you could of course compete with your enemy to always get the stronger, better and more advanced technology. But then it might destroy both or all of you and your enemies.

This is always the problem with war, in the end either most or everyone is dead. And if not, then the war might have either been prevented or stopped for good.

This is nothing new.

So the thing is, why does it still apply to our lives?

The illusion of peace and freedom made us believe that we have no times of war anymore, but if there wouldn’t be war, why do we still have people who think they are in a position to decide who and what is good and what should be denied, removed, eliminated or suppressed as best as possible?

Why do actually intelligent people want to die or kill or punish those can’t stop doing nonsense?

The confusion that intelligent people can’t be violent or shouldn’t be able to fight is very real.

On the other hand there were and are people who would like to have mindless fighters.

If I would be able to let all weapons disappear, I sure would do that.

So why is it, that there are people who build these things to this day and make groups fight each other to maintain in power?

They think they are intelligent and when it comes to numbers they might be, but sadly they can’t even count to three it seems because even 2 is a number they only consider theoretical.

For them only 1 can remain or 0. So either they or nothing at all.

Is that intelligent?

It is the most stupid thing I have ever heard or seen, to do such a thing.

So why do they keep doing this while letting the people think it is intelligent and good what they are doing?

Might be that they only feel good when everyone else suffers and only those they like might feel a little better, while some are naively following their lead or just follow something or someone, if not themselves, since there is not much else to trust, if even.

The human nature is to stick together and be with others, but since it depends on who the others are, you might seem better of alone.

Is it a crime to expect children to be more intelligent than they might want to be, in order to safe their life, while it could also kill them anyway?

And do they do it for a statistic or for the children?

There are only rules and laws if you believe in them and there is only some kind of system if you trust in it.

Damned are those who make others believe in it, knowing it is only a manipulative game.

Some make people believe that foreigners won’t help you.

Some make people believe that there is only help from “official” sources, with certificates.

Some think they know how the dice rolls, but then, have they created it?

If I tell you that you could turn off your computer with your mind, would you believe me?

Obviously you would be skeptical and probably not trust me nor believe me on that one.

And I guess I didn’t manage to do that so far, but I sure had some weird experiences with technology and my mind.

But how do you know that it is impossible? Did someone tell you or did you assume it must be this way because you weren’t able to?

It is similar to other things, like solving problems. Some people think because they are in an (for them) important position, that they now have all the answers or should know all the answers and so on. But maybe there is someone sitting in the back of the room or just somewhere nearby, thinking, when can you finally stop talking…

I know that someone thinks this about me, how else should it be, but there is the thing.

How do computer programs learn? They usually have a bunch of options to choose from and some goals, then they try some things until they reach the goal. How do humans teach and learn most of the time? Here is a tool, you have to use it to do this task and you have to do it this way.

Why does it seem that a machine learns in a more efficient and useful way than a human, while a human created this machine? It throws the question whether someone wanted machines to replace us since they have a lack in feelings, emotions and such things, so they can’t understand when someone fools them or makes them do things which aren’t good, unlike humans could know.

If a child learn that it has to kill a bird in order to survive, why would it consider it wrong?

The same goes for a machine. But then a child might think: “Wait, I am alive and this bird is also alive, therefor it is wrong to kill the bird because it would be taking a life.” But a machine might just not understand this concept or on the other hand burn out because it could then flip and decide that killing itself (and / or everyone else) be the only solution. While in reality there could be a co-existence between different kinds of life and life forms. Maybe not all are needed, like these little blood sucking ticks, but if our biggest problem would be a bunch of ticks, man we would have happy lives.

If you take an apple, when you have an actual apple there are seeds within. So you then could eat the whole apple and plant the seeds. Then you would have even helped the tree because you ate something it had. Or berry bushes or such things.

They would survive and you would survive and other animals would survive and so on.

I call that a somewhat harmony.

When then a bird eats an insect, then this is up to the bird and the insect.

I mean, otherwise you would have to force every animal and life form to understand its own existence and reprogram itself and so on. I mean not even our own kind was very successful with that, although we claim to be so much smarter as a whole. There are always some individuals who of course understand these things, that it is necessary to ensure nature to survive and that it is our responsibility because we harmed it after all or helped harming it by not doing something against it.

Like my grandfather when he planted some trees, bushes and had some forest and trees (until some genius – my father – sold everything except one piece of land which was meant to be used by the town anyway and he now has to do what they say anyway, while it costs him time (and his precious money), while they even would have given him some money for it (unlike the relatives he made my grandfather sell the rest of the land).

I don’t want to have anything to do with numbers and these weird concepts, as long as I would be able to have something to eat and drink, you know… these basic things. And actually I have them, but you know it isn’t that easy, when the others keep on destroying it. And it also isn’t really enough at the moment, since a lot of the plants in the garden are dying or just too few to really have a big and long food stock / reserve.

With the fields I might have been able to not only give the bees and other beings some space, but also have some more trees there or plant some other things. My grandfather even knew how to put different kinds of plants together. Although I personally don’t really know what to think about it, he did it properly and later you had different fruits or tastes on one tree. Compared to humans this would then of course be very weird as if you would put different kinds of arms and legs together to get a more “exotic” look or touch. In other words, it is very strange and weird and I wouldn’t want that. But on the other hand my grandfather was keeping the plants and looking after them, unlike my father who only destroyed them and kept the either small or terribly broken.

I have seen some people who were selling or planting salad and other stuff on roof tops of some quarter shaped buildings or balconies and such things. Better than nothing, I guess.

It is just so damn hard to motivate myself to do that, when it seems so hopeless that it would end for good one day.

Children could learn how things work either at home or through some books, some teachers or whatever, but when they want and need it and to their conditions. Otherwise school would be a factory and only meant to harvest and program them other than actually give them something of value or make them think and do the things important for our all survival.

It is more important than ever to learn about nature, take a walk in it (where still possible) and remind yourself and the children that this is what gives you life and what we have to protect.

Instead they learn about technologies, about some weird concepts like “I need a job and money!” and such things like taxes (whatever these are for). I mean if a teacher doesn’t want to teach people for free, then why should they give them useful information at all?

In the real world it is often of course complicated because of all these man-made dependencies, but without these, there would be no need for payment other than appreciating them, maybe letting them be part of your life and make things happen together with them.

It is pretty uncommon that teachers and students do things outside school, except for special events maybe. But why is that? A teacher is just a human, or used to be human. And some of them are maybe not all that different from the students. But somehow it is weird or not normal to hang out with them. Especially for them because although it might be less a problem for some students (of course depending on the teacher) to spend time with them, the teacher also gets told that it is maybe weird or whatever. I mean, we are talking about meeting with a few students and maybe make some music, making a plan on how to make land fruitful again and help others and nature or just watch some movies and maybe brainstorm around them (which sometimes happens in school, at least in my case, but not that much).

I might seem talking negative about a lot of things and I sure am in a way, but if you would see what I see, I am sure you would at least have some worries.

I mean I basically see how most of the population is tricked and trapped inside some concepts like work and money and that because of them they can’t think for themselves and also can’t really help with the environment and all. I see that we would actually need most of them to do the opposite in order to solve this and also that some of them might even want to or would want to, if they could and knew how to do it.

Especially when it would be easy.

I mean we live in a time in which some people say that there are various mutations of a deadly virus, especially deadly for already sick or children (now all of a sudden, while before children were having no problem?!) and on the other hand people want to have children in school where the infection could spread. Only to make them work and feel bad, especially in the kind of way they treat them and place them there, as if it wasn’t already enough stress and manipulation before all that…

If after children went to school at least 3/4 of them would then start to go plant proper plants, study animals and insects and maybe change their eating habits and so on, then school would actually be a useful and necessary thing. Instead I see people throw plastic bags in forests and on the streets, buy electronic cars or hybrid ones and eat some kind of “bio” food, thinking they are doing something for the environment or whatever…

Hey… and I currently also eat things out of some plastic bags, but you know what? I don’t plant on doing that for the rest of my life and want to have an earth full of food and water for everyone. And it could work, if there wouldn’t always be those who want to produce these cool new technologies which in the end cause a lot of problems and deaths either way. An actual solution would have been to use a bike and one which needs you to do something. And maybe to find places to life outside of these dark cities, with actual nature and all.

I mean some people even consider chemical products more useful and effective than biological things. For example my mother sometimes collected these “horse apples” (as some call them) – horse shit – and then put it in the garden. Some people even put their own shit in their garden and the one year when we had a problem with the toilet that accidentally happened and things actually grew bigger, but it felt weird, knowing it was because of out shit. While in reality that is actually just nature and natural.

But humans go so perfect in perfection and cleaning everything, that they even got experts in eliminating life to have everything sterilized and pitch perfect for machines. Only problem, we aren’t machines, but some of them might be already, who knows.

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