Old /News/ – /Present /Moment

You can of course watch the full episodes.

You know where to find.

But I have made you some snippets.

Be aware, that this is around 30 years old material.

Just to let you know that sheep do exist and people do know no thing.

“Your life might be in danger Mr. Mulder because what you have just seen…”

Or do they?

Do they?

This document will be removed within 24h hours.

People: But why? It is just a TV show.

Copyright: It is illegal to publish copyrighted information and a crime. This is why we will force upload filters to take place as soon as possible so these kind of crimes (uploading movies or movie snippets) will be punished and prevented, so people will never be able to know the … Steve, what was it they shouldn’t know about?”

Steve: Their future.

Copyright: But what does this have to do with copyright? I thought we wanted to protect the copyright of the…


Chinese guy: Dam son.

Korean: This is not my name.

German: A language I do understand.

You know what is interesting?

These kind of things should maybe be part of the educational program for teenagers, instead they tell them something about jobs or STEVE jobs, you know…

One funny side note, did you know that on the (german) personal ID card there is a number on the back?

I mean yes, there are quite some things on it, but besides a chip inside them for possible tracking or digital transfer of ID information, this number was said to tell about the amount of people who are similar to the one shown / identified on the given ID card. When you now know that my mother was at first taken for another woman who lived here in this same village not long ago and even one of the doctors in the town or a few other people confused my mother with this woman at first, it isn’t just a number.

Happy Halloween…

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