Playing a little Warframe

Be aware that this is showing quest dialogs and some game play, so please don’t watch in case you want to play the game eventually. But it depends on you.

Just tell you this much, it is about killing lots of enemies.

But it is actually about a lot more, like you might be able to see through these videos.

Maybe now you know what I mean when I was talking about deeper meaning in video games.

Or when I was talking about how games can give a platform to go through things you might not be able to talk about otherwise or feel alone with? If not, then maybe the last video in this list might be something more of that type?

Well and you will see me fail miserably at this game. 😀

My usual thing – failing miserably.

And then even making myself a fool. YAY. But maybe you enjoy(ed) it anyway.

Don’t you think that was way more important and deep of meaning than just playing around?

I mean, if you could choose between a guy telling you that you should see some friends and maybe do some breathing exercises or this, what would you choose?

I bet some people might just say: “But there was a lot of violence in this and weird dialogs. This is not good, there should be a disclaimer and this is making people crazy.”

But then they don’t understand that in some way it is actually trying to tell them that it already is this way and someone tries to work on it or makes you think about it, so you might work on it yourself.

I mean, really, it isn’t a game you play to just play and waste time. You can of course, but there is a lot of important and high value things in it. And the best part, it technically is all for free. You can just play this without paying money. But it is of course highly recommended to pay them something, so they can continue develloping it. They also support others in need once in a while and this game is high quality compared with a lot of other free-to-play games with multiplayer, quests, etc.

There is so much content, different kind of missions, worlds, levels and more, way more. Not to forget that you can travel around the solar system. 😀

But I know it isn’t something for everyone and I mean sure some people won’t like it. I know. It is just good for those who might need to let out some aggression, but might be interested to get to know a lot more about themselves or others and the world around them. They literally put real world struggles and problems into this, while obfuscating it a little, of course, like a lot of sci-fi and fantasy games and stories do, I guess. Don’t they?

Not to forget, that creating such games can and is also some kind of therapy or way of letting your views, experiences, fears, questions and knowledge or more things be put out there and maybe better understood.

Or just to make others get along with theirs better, you might have collected over the time. (Or such things.)

Thank you for being here and yes, there are a lot of things wrong (with and around me)… 😅 :/

Stay safe guys! 💜

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