A few shows worth watching

I might have written about them already, but better twice or more than nothing at all.

For those of you who judge things by their cover or “genre” (whatever a genre really is ???), you really miss most of the important things either way.

In Kommissar Rex (named after the “main” character – Rex, the [police] dog), they show a lot of problems “between” the lines. As I said about stories previously, they important part is often the background or “frame” or how it is called. Because the least important part is the actual story, since you know that the case will be closed (usually) in crime shows or books. Otherwise the story wouldn’t be a crime story, but real li… eh, well.

For example, to spoiler you right away, they showed that people who create things for companies they work for, will end up poor, while the company will get rich. They showed that there are secret organisations acting here and there and that they can easily cross borders and kill people.

They also talked about all kinds of murder of course and how a lot of people are getting tricked.

They also showed something about puppets, a puppet maker, who made photos of women (naked or mostly) and I just remember that there was a deeper theme on it, but I would have to re-watch it, I guess.

And they also had something about climate activism, nature, children and problems they have.

But, I mean, it of course was “just” a series about solved crimes. You know…

Normal people: It is a crime show, I watch it because I know what I get.

Smart people: It is a crime show, it is boring, I don’t want to waste my time with such garbage.


Or as someone said to me: “Acting is a wicked game.”

So you better know what you are acting for.

And people still think it is only entertainment.

Entertainment business: It is not?

Authors: The hell are you talking about, I just wanted to free my mind.

Movie: Hello, I am lonely. WATCH ME!

People: []_[}

(Basically me trying to tell them, that they should get off their phones or at least use them for useful things.)

People: What is useful?


People: But we need them, otherwise there would be chaos.


People: But this happened because people weren’t following the rules!

People involved:

Good that only adult people makes decisions and rules, so we don’t have chaos or a possible end of all life on earth.

(playlist – 13 episodes)

The other 11 episodes are blocked in Germany (and maybe other countries) due to copyright and such things.

Luckily we know a way around it.

People: What way?

I give up… (no, but please)

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