Sorry for my retreats

Each time when I set my posts on private, I break my own rule.

But it is really difficult to tell whether something should be out there or not.

Not for my own, my own life is not important, but for others who might stumble over it and then experience some kind of shock or traumatic experience maybe.

Anyway, I set everything on public again without looking through it, I know I wouldn’t have done it any way.

As if any of you would look through over thousands of posts.

At least there they are again.

It is so damn ironic how I fail on my own advise.

Perfect example of how not to be a teacher.

As if I ever was one. Was I?

Well, one of my grand mothers wanted to become one.

And when I was two I wanted to do something like that, but hey, here I am, all messed up.


  1. I am so proud of you. I have recently started to write about my feelings too in an effort of trying to gain back my confidence and my life and I know how difficult it is. I know it can be scary. Especially when you said that it was difficult to tell whether something should be out there or not, I could totally see myself in you. I can relate to that. All I wanna say is you do what you need to do for you because it doesn’t matter what people think. There are always going to be people who disagree with you no matter how perfect you are but when you are you, warts and all, you may find that it’s hard to find people that you connect to but the connections that you do make, no matter how few, even if it’s with just one person, you know that it’s genuine and when you find that, it’ll all be worth it. 🙂 Stay strong and best wishes. ❤

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