Old quotes, new votes, same oaths

What a shame that only small places still protect what once gave us safety and life.

And then “happy” is not really what I would call that.

It is a sad hope to be happy.

As if it is all running down. One hopeful word of them, a despair of tomorrow.

How it felt the whole time for me, that it wouldn’t get better any way.

Yet, such stories give some ideas on what might be necessary.

And instead, even there the technology rises, while it doesn’t really help, does it?

A mixture of both. But you know it is not in our hands, not yet.

Some people are still living in a dream.

Creating systems which are only useful for them, like these castles are only good from the outside, meant to show off, meant to blend, but behind the walls, the white cover, they are all the same.

And we are the bricks, hidden beneath, put together in the dark, prisoners of a shiny castle, some people created or let create, while many were starving, dying and working.

A dream… but not even ours.

My castles are mountains.

My walls are rocks and stone.

My hands are the trees.

And my voice is (in) the wind.

Not my words, can’t be.

And then I just want to write down a few words, plants, vegetables and such, I would want to have in my garden and I see a quote written on it. Probably as some form of advertisement, since it was a writing pad from the Red Cross.

“There are no great discoveries and advances as long as there is still one unhappy child on earth.”

Albert Einstein (1879 – 1955)

Luckily he doesn’t have to see this anymore, I guess…

So basically people understood that it was necessary to be neutral in times of war. What they didn’t understand, that war was the problem.

Ironically this man died poor and four years after his death WWI happened.

So much for the Red Cross.

But don’t get it wrong, my mother other people my mother knows also got help from the Red Cross and she also gives money to the local Red Cross here, but I mean over 160 years and it is still not really understood that the wars won’t stop, if always some lunatics stay in charge or depend on their power and some numbers on screens.

Why is it that we even need groups like this who then don’t really are able to help?

Or are also just depending on others?

I think the death of the founder says it all. – poor and lonely. (according to the history)

That jingle tho. Damn… my ears.

Probably the important people were like: Let him have his dream.

And then the people were like: Christians who made a difference.

By the way, there was a short series on Netflix called “The Family”, maybe you should check that out to understand it a little.

The sad part is, that according to the bible, Jesus was actually doing these things like 2000 years ago.

And then 2000 years later people are like: “Look, I help people because I am a christian.”

Jesus be like:

And then things like the following happen to this day:

Corporation XYZ: We need more oil and minerals from location Beta.

Government: Understood. We will make it possible.

Military: The mission is clear, we have to fight terrorism.

Generals: Men! And girls… we have to fight of those evil forces!


Then they fly in there and see a hospital.

Generals: Throw those bombs boys…

Soldier: But… but this is a hospital.


Soldiers: Okay.

People: But it clearly was said that this was made by a (foreign) regime.

(U. S.) President: Listen to them, they know what is good for them!

People: confused

Also people: shocked

And before anyone again thinks, that I am going against people who help others. You really don’t understand the problems I am writing about.

Everyone who honestly cares, wants to safe lives and does that in whatever position they might be in, are most welcome.

The problem is, that basically anyone could wear such symbols, as anyone can carry a gun, as anyone could hack your smartphone or computer, as anyone could detonate a bomb, as anyone could tell you that they are on your side and protect you.

Those who really help, they are not the problem. I am talking about systems which want to control us, scare us, oppress us and hide or disguise as friendly and supportive. While maybe just a few years ago, they did the opposite. Or they might have always done the opposite, but only those who wanted to know understood it. And so on…

And the wars go on and on.

It is like in “Control Z” (this mexican netflix series), when Sofia said, that the book “War & Peace” (Krieg und Frieden / Война и миръ) should have been 200 pages shorter which has ~1500 pages. Whatever that meant.

Since I never read the book because I assumed its essential content. Probably I should have read it and now I don’t know what was actually meant. Maybe I will never know.

The last sentence this General said in german, was actually a reminder, in english an important part was missing. Because when they told him that he shall command the defense of Berlin, he said that it would have been better to just execute him, so this chalice (cup) would go past him. In bibles I have read, Jesus prayed before he knew he would be taken away. He prayed that this chalice (cup) shall go past him, but not his (Jesus) will shall be, but God’s. And so it was. Interesting reference, probably not many would have noticed.

All people see these days are uniforms, some faces and symbols. And not even these have any meaning at all.

Or have they?

Those who actually want to help, often get the blame, for the things others did.

And it also shows something else, that what in this case was positive, could have also been the opposite.

People: You don’t say…


People: Angry bastard idiot. Go into the nut house where you belong.


It is critique.

People: It was?

Director: Was it?

Netflix: What even is…

This show like so many before, were meant to open eyes and yet so many are blind to it all, it seems.

And in case you don’t know, the president in this series was the designated survivor (since that is the name of the show… eh.. yes), was the 13th on a list (when I remember) and also responsible for environment and climate and such things, so basically the most irrelevant, unwanted and ignored person with some form of power.

People: A what?

Did I say something?

Anyway, this speech was actually a speech I would want to hear, but only from this man. So when this actor says these words, it might be meant by himself or might be meant to show both good and bad of words.

This show tries to show the struggle people who do good or want to do good have and that an actual good president would have a lot of problems and might be killed or such things and would be confused about the absurdity of the whole concept of it.

Showing both, the good and bad side of it all, but mainly pointing out the negative sides, while presenting them from a positive side.

And that we actually should get together, people from all around the world.

But usually it just happens in a platonic or theoretical way or only with a few.

There are always these barriers, mostly caused by so called governments or people with power and authority.

When you understand that you will always be held responsible for your own actions, but others can just go past them, if no one else risks to get in trouble themselves, then you see the injustice.

If people would actually be friendly, intelligent and understanding beings worldwide and would respect each other mostly, we could just peacefully walk towards a king, ruler, president or whatsoever, tell them, that we might be able to handle things for ourselves and then do so.

Instead these people are called crazy, get into prison or simply ignored or threatened secretly or in silence.

Depending on the country it might look different. So while in some countries you just get shot, in others you might end up rotting in a prison cell or there even will be people knowing that you have done something you didn’t do.

The problem is, that those who do or benefit from such actions could of course also say that these things happen to them, so people believe them, since they must tell the truth, when such things happened to them.

If you don’t understand how messed up a system can be, you are just another slave.

And you know what psychiatrists in Germany still do or say: They call people schizophrenic, give them pills and then let it be. That happens to this day, where I live. Luckily I was smart enough to not talk to them.

Possible, but purely fictional dialog

People: So you are crazy and were hiding it?

Me: holds up mirror

People: Yep, he is. He definitely is.

Me: smashes the mirror

People: Call the police, we have a violent and crazy man here.

Me: You do know, that the shit is real?

People: What shit? What are you talking about? Man, are you on drugs or something?

Me: No, but you are.

People: Man… whatever you took, it must have been hard.

Me: It was life…

Someone in the back: Damn son…

Later that day.

German version of the dialog

Hans: Du Peter, was hälsch en du von dem Spinner? Wie der ausgsehn hat. Wie aus der Anstalt entlaufen.

Peter: Die Frisur war wirklich etwas verwunderlich. Würde mich nicht wundern.

Hans: Naja, i packs dann für heude. Muss nachher no ne Schicht schieben.

Peter: Aber pass blos auf, dass du keine von den Rohren fallen lässt.

Hans: Keu Angscht, dafür hemma ja all die Sicherheitsvorschrifte und sowieso, des meuschte isch ja eh scho automatisch. I muss da hald schauen was die Junge da zamme basteln. Du weisch ja, die Munitionspacke und so.

Peter: Tja, nur gut das wir all diese Vorschriften haben und gute Leute wie dich, sonst würde da am Ende noch was in die falschen Hände kommen. Zum Glück kommen die Waffen ja nur in Gebiete in denen kein Krieg herrscht und hauptsächlich zu Wahrung des Friedens.

Hans: Ja du mie au…

Peter: Immer wieder gern.

English version of the dialog

Hans: Ey Peter, what do ya think about that madcap? The way he looked. Like he ran out of a nut house.

Peter: The haircut really seemed remarkable. Wouldn’t wonder if it would be true.

Hans: Well, I gotta go for today. Have ta work another shift later.

Peter: But better watch it or you might get hit by one of those pipes.

Hans: No worries, for that we have insurances and rules. And on the other hand most of it is already automatic anyway. I just have ta watch those youngsters and whatever they patch together. You know… ammunition packs and such stuff.

Peter: Well, good that we have all these rules and good people like you, otherwise these things might get into the wrong hands. Luckily these weapons are only used to support freedom and peace and aren’t used in bloody wars.

Hans: Yeah whatever…

Peter: Always a pleasure.

And then he emptied his last glass of beer, while the TV was showing his favorite football team starting to play.

People: But you can’t simply put these things here together and publish it?

Me: What? Am I not allowed to give people a voice?

People: Who are these people you are talking about?

Me: Probably those who were silent.

People: But that is not social, you have to talk about things.

Me: What did I try my whole life and no one understood or wanted to listen?

People: That is something else, you are just crazy. Crazy people can’t be trusted and they only say weird stuff.

Me: I know. That is why I was silent.

People: confused & shocked

(Yea sorry, I can use different kinds of words and conversations. If you want me to write a 1500 pages book, I would also do that, but I guess the information would be similar.)

Readers who followed me for a year: Wait a minute…

And so it goes.

“There are no great discoveries and advances as long as there is still one unhappy child on earth.”

Albert Einstein

And then you see how they give children and adults pills and drugs (both legal and illegal) and make the crave for them. Only to make them happy, since there is nothing to be happy about otherwise.

Good job… good job…

If Albert would be here with us today, he would probably just smile.

Then get a pipe, sit down and be mumbling: “What have they done…”

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