No matter how big the evil might be, it first has to get to you.

Depending on the kind of evil, you might not want to meet it or see it.

But isn’t a mirror sometimes like a portal into your own?

Not necessarily and for sure it shouldn’t be.

The problem with evil getting to you, is when it doesn’t.

When instead of coming towards you, you have to get out towards it.

When instead of you, it takes and breaks everyone else around you.

Then you have to step out (not necessarily out of a room) or up and fight.

What is running away when it comes to evil?

Is going away from it, while trying to find a way to fight it, like fleeing?

Isn’t it somehow a rule, that evil will grow and enjoy when everyone is running away and when they face it, it might get “stunned”?

Sure, it depends on what you call evil or what you see as such.

Because a monster might not be evil after all, while those who run away from it could be.

If some would create a being, only capable of doing evil and doing harm to others, wouldn’t the creator(s) be evil, not the monster?

Would you call a leech / bloodsucker evil? I sure wouldn’t, at least not in an ultimate way.

It is its nature to suck blood and not much more, like a tick as well.

Would it mean that a bird is evil, just because it eats a worm?

It is complicated to see it this way, since then it would mean that we are the most evil of them all.

Or it would mean, that whatever gave us life, some call it God, although they have different views on “it”, would have been the most evil being there is, since it created not only us, but all there is.

Thinking this way is very weird and complicated.

When you understand, that the kind of a creation, is not what it is about, you see that there isn’t such a thing as “the evil”, like the ultimate evil which can only be that. The only thing is, that you of course can go towards it or it might reach out for you, this evil taste.

You can’t say that someone who did something bad or evil, was evil or can or should you?

It is depending on the individual case. One might create a virus to kill us all, others create bombs and lies.

So when you fell for the lies and acted evil upon them out of unknowing, why would you be evil, if you honestly thought it was the right thing. Even the bible said, that God doesn’t judge the unknowing.

Sadly humans don’t do that usually and also show no mercy or love. Maybe even excuse it with God in a paradox way. According to the bible loves God everyone, only the wrong they might do not.

When you read it in an angry or harsh way, you might think that then love means to punish (violently) and to judge and all that. But if you really read it without lies or just out of your own curiosity, it might make sense.

This is why religions are nothing for me, nor any groups of believes. I investigate things on my own and think about it my way. Because in the end, something or someone must have written these things down for whatever reason. Even if it was to only manipulate, there can still be seen something in it and learned.

Otherwise you would only be as ignorant as those who wave around with such books and words, not knowing what they mean or what they do. And then, would you be evil, would they be?

If they kill someone because it was written in their book, are they evil? And we are not talking about ignorance or intelligence or empathy here.

When you would have children and tell them, that Jews are evil, so they go and beat them up or kill them, would this mean that the children are evil? Like what happened over centuries in the past. And if it wasn’t Jews then other groups who got hated, killed and such things.

You must ask yourself, is the one who knows that the “sheep” will follow orders and do evil, believing it is good, the only one who is evil? (Or many, depending on whether it was one or a group who told them.)

If you give a kid a gun and tell it, that those who have a different color, either their skin and or uniform, are the bad guys and that they have to die, making it a game of some sort for the kid, would the kid be evil or you?

In case the kid would understand what was going on and not just blindly believing everything, it might refuse or do something else, but it is not about that.

Where is the point when the might be a realization and the “game” would come to an end or reveal itself as the diabolic manipulation it is?

As long as children can’t grow up and only get older, when they feel still unsure, maybe hurt and confused, while they might have children on their own or even grand children, it is easy to play the one who will safe them, since they will not be able to understand it for themselves.

And then how would they?

I learned through games, video games, movies and stories and such, but if they get told that they are not allowed to do so or told that these are “just” stories, how would they understand it?

If you don’t let a child see, what weapons can do, how would it later not refuse using them, when it gets told, that it is an honor to get one or use it?

You might think, that we are in a time in which it should be obvious, like it was for me, that “guns” kill people or can do so, but still we produce more, so there can be more dead.

Is the one who is in a factory evil, while producing weapons or alike?

You have seen the mother, heard from a man, called crazy. Trapped, tricked, thrown away.

Toy soldiers on a dusty ground, fighting, on each side they believe it is their right or they just do as they are told, not knowing anything beyond.

Shipping tanks in countries, to later send some to stop the fighting caused by the same.

You cause a problem, to offer a solution.

Would we live in a world which just had “solutions”, like actually making everything good, we would live in a very different one. People would long have their happy life, enjoy their life and the lives of those around them, the bees, the birds, the earth and all.

You would go to a doctor or someone who knows medicine and healing powers and would know, you are in good hands. Would know, they really want to help you and offer you the best they can and have.

The food we would eat, it would be healthy, since it would be natural, without all these chemicals, gene-modification and what else they do. Destroying everything alive in the long run…

We could still have technology, giving us the option to choose between things, but not relying on it.

Like when someone searches for a way to walk again. They might try this and that, but in the end they should be able to decide, what way they want to go. Whether they want to try to walk (in case they still have legs) with a more natural approach or with the help or some technology or maybe both a little.

If someone doesn’t have the possibility or wisdom to gain control over their body or it might be another problem, why would it be their fault, if they would decide to use technology, if they could live with it?

Does it matter?

I personally would prefer natural things and trying things on my own, but not everyone can that or knows about how and what and I of course also don’t know enough.

This is why it would help, would we not destroy all evidence of old cultures, like it happens in the middle east and happened in America and other parts of the world, like Australia and so on.

Sometimes the “primitive” seeming natives might have known things, everyone else is craving for, but thinks they can’t know it, since they are or were “too stupid” for such things. In their ignorant believes, they stumble over their own feet, since it was them who rejected nature, not the natives they or their ancestors killed.

Sure, some of them also weren’t all that great, some might have actually eaten people, who knows, some might have actually done things, we wouldn’t do, since they are disgusting. But then we do a lot of these things on the other hand, when you think about it, while we call it normal.

The dialog and discussion in an open way, could bring us what we wanted or need for so long.

Why doesn’t it happen? It doesn’t happen because most people are already so deep in their believes, that our modern science knows all the answers or should know or that technology can solve all problems, that in the end they might wake up in a robot body, unable to feel or screaming, since it is only pain, but no one hears because no one knows.

There are so much wonderful things we can sense and feel and experience, things a machine might never be able to. At least not in the way we do, or would it?

I doubt it, but I am open.

For me it is just scary that we glide away and created machines which shall help us, while most of us weren’t even able to fully understand or develop their abilities or don’t even know about them.

If not people who want everything to be fast, perfect, easy and flawless would rule, like controlling us with their weird money, be it printed or just numbers on a screen, then we would actually be able to have a lot of time to think, to play, to explore and find back to the ways of some and also find new ones together, to make all our lives good, those of the animals and plants and ours as well.

But the more we create cities, the less we live, the less they live and the more everything dies.

When I see a city, I see a big cancer like structure, I see death and cold walls.

Why would anyone want to go there, live there, work there?

I didn’t, I wouldn’t, for only death awaits by entering those walls, without an escape, for some.

Burned into you, lights, neon lights all around you, shops on every corner, but nothing you really need or want. Because all you are is alone, alone in the whole city, what they should advertise themselves with.

“Serving Loneliness for FREE!”

Maybe that’s why everyone runs towards it, since they read “free!” at the end and only remember that, being tricked into the city, like the fly into the burning light to kill it.

When I wanted to go there, then only to die, like an elephant to the graveyard.

But I expect other young people my age to go there to live.

How paradox, how obscure, how broken and weird.

Like the dying trees in my garden because they were cut all the time, so they got sick, only to be cut more, until they died.

Once green, majestic and everlasting, now gray and beyond repair.

Nature would doubt that, but my father knows better – they have to be cut because everyone does it.

Like women, like children, like all there is. It has to be cut because everyone does it. And then – who is this “everyone”, that everyone wants to do the same and thinks it is what has to be done?

I didn’t want to, I understood that it made no sense, but what is one against thousands, millions, am I right?

Interestingly it only were those few exceptions who made all the difference, sadly not always for the better, since you know what came along the way. Knocking at your door, asking you to pay.

But not everyone and everything knocking is evil.

So why are we hiding within these walls?

Evil won’t be held back by them anyway.

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