While there are of course other tools and bots out there, here is something I just wanted to point out.

This is a website I have helped developing, especially the monitoring bot.

So in case there might be a problem with it, blame it on me.

In case you want to use it, it might be very useful in some cases to monitor website changes.

It also has something for Amazon products, since that was also another goal, but I just wanted to show the monitoring part.

You can check for a given url / website and set a checking interval:

  • 5 min
  • 15 min
  • Hourly
  • Daily

Additionally you can also choose whether to just check whether the website is on- / offline or about all (useful) changes and whether to send them via email or just show them on the page.

Depending on the filter, it might sometimes send or save empty changes, since it usually was meant to filter ads and scripts, to only check actual relevant content changes. For example for news websites or such things.

The idea was to later create additional bots and services to get additional filters maybe or different kinds of information and such things. And the usage of some of them would be paid in “credits” which can be bought via money.

I think the monitoring bot was free for now, at least it didn’t cost me a credit to create it.

But don’t overdo it, since it is from the small company I was working for. Maybe they could actually make something useful out of this, if they would have people actually using it. So they might not have to work so much for other companies and rely on their money and interests.

It was often very stressy for me, but you know, that I had a lot of problems myself and then this kind of stress was not good. Working on this page was different, since it was an intern project and therefor had no time limit or price etc. while of course working on it was time not available for other projects and things.

In other words, if they would be able to work on this or similar websites, in stead of (for me) shady company projects, it might benefit us all.

It is really scary what a small company can make for a difference.

And no, I have no secret files, sadly.

But it was interesting how the game Shenzen I/O was actually something they tried to create or at least were talking about, while they themselves had no idea about it.

When I mentioned it in the company, it wasn’t really taken serious or noticed, but for me it was a “game in a game” kind of situation.

In case you didn’t play this game, it is about China acting as if it was very friendly and good to its people, inviting foreigners (e.g. engineers) to work and so on. While in the background some things were happening.

I am still not sure whether the game was pro China or not, but I guess it wasn’t, it is just very hard to tell what is what. It was just very interesting how it was China in both cases with a similar approach.

Maybe the game was presenting the final (a little simplified) result?

Sometimes I really don’t know what I can say and what I can’t say, but it isn’t really that important anymore, is it? In times like these?

Edit: I just found out, that the official site isn’t working or isn’t available publically, only the testing version.

So I will remove this post again, since it doesn’t even work.

I thought maybe they would have got it up and running, but it seems it isn’t. Too bad because it actually looked promising to me last time I saw it.

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