Can’t it end peaceful?

A civil war won’t give you freedom.
War never really gave anyone freedom, except a few who probably watched from a far.
Some have to defend themselves, that is for sure.
But others call attacks a defending act, to justify it.
As long as people expect others to solve their problems, do everything for them or simply think they have to do everything they are told, it is not possible for them to be free. It is something else, if they try to search for ways to make it happen in a peaceful way or when others might be willing to share and help, despite possible diversity and differences.
If only one or a few stand up for ‘”everyone”, then how should that ever give freedom?
Empires have to give up on their position in a peaceful manner.
The problem with them is, that they usually drive themselves mad, until only a violent act seems as only solution.
Because they fear that they would get killed or tortured for the deaths and torture they caused themselves.

Can’t it end peaceful?

And for me, this doesn’t mean to be quiet or doing nothing.

It just means, that things can be done in multiple ways.

Sadly a lot of the time people either force “peace” to make others work for them and scare them or fight violently until this “peace” is given again. As well as creating scenarios to justify certain actions, manipulating people to do certain things or get punished otherwise.

What is an intellectual way to solve injustice?

It means to learn and understand how to do things on your own and be independent.

You can help one each other out and try to find solutions or ansewrs together, rather than calling everything impossible or completely crazy. Such things only create more problems, instead of solving them.

If someone has strange views, but doesn’t want to harm anyone with them, is it a crime?

Because not speaking or standing up at all, when confronted with severe injustice or confusion, is as if you did it yourself.

I know that a lot of young people have trouble at home because of what happened with their parents.

Or maybe because their parents simply have different views.

When these children get no support, they might end up similar or worse.

Therapy is not really working, since from my own experiences and those of others I know personally or heard of, it usually expects people to work a certain way.

For me support and giving an equal level of trust or acceptance of some sort, is helping.

Therapy usually is not about this and often only about making people work inside the system they live in.

This happens either willingly or passivly, since the therapist usually is also part of the system, so how should they know better? In case they really do it because they want to help and not just to have a safe job.

For me Let’s plays from a few people who had a hard time themselves and started from scratch became this kind of support for me. Also playing deep story rich games as well. Games who didn’t stop when it was getting scary or painful, which tried to show the complexity of dystopian existences and horrible fates.

This kind of education, as I may call it, helped me to understand myself and others better, unlike what others tried to convince me of. When the government calls video games the cause for violence, immorality and problems, while in most cases it actually prevented it or open up about unspoken topics, you know how much you don’t know about your “freedom”.

As long as screens are between us, how should we ever know, the ones we are talking or writing to, are really here or on the same page?

You have to be able to look people in the eyes or at least be with them and feel safe.

But I know it is hard, when most of them are busy with their devices.

And I also know, that looking in someone’s eyes can be hard or even impossible because I also can’t with everyone and often can’t really. But you can also sit next to each other and talk or just sit and experience something together.

Some people might even talk without words.

But as long as we can’t get different kinds of people together, especially young people, how should there be change?

They are always expected to be educated, work and work, until they can’t anymore. And those who can’t or don’t want them, are then considered crazy, lazy or simply left on the side or left behind. While they might have been able to do other things, most people didn’t even see possible or no one has ever heard of.

It is a shame, when they end up dead, either through their own hand or those of others.

And “a shame” is probably the understatement of this century.

When people are scared to talk openly about critical topics because as soon as they go to far, they might get told whether they “need help” or are out of their mind.

Not to forget, that women are still by many expected to be or work in a certain way.

I was always happy about women who were standing up for their rights.

And although there are surely different parties/groups and directions, it is without a doubt, that women didn’t have much to say in a long time and in many cases to this day.

It is so horrible what some of them are going through or even find themselves in, just because they were born with breasts and a vagina, to say it a little drastical.

Before I broke, it was clear for me, that they should have equal rights and also can do more or do things different from typical men. I was shocked, when I had to see, that they were actually still seen as something else by many and sometimes even accepted their position. Maybe falsely believing some who said they were speaking for God or whoever.

I do believe in a greater force and I believe that there is something like love, although it was often misused and misinterpreted as a dependency or somewhat perfect thing or even as a painful necessity?

In this world are so many things going wrong, children getting sold, getting killed, forced to fight in wars, have sex and so on as well as many other things, mainly around women and children.

If those children who not only want to think free, but can think for themselves would be supported and not ignored or put aside, there is a chance. Some of them might be hiding for decades, since they don’t really see a chance.

A lot of us have unsolved problems with ourselves, our past or other things like wars, governments, money-traps and so on, which then cause more of these problems. Either of passive or active nature.

If children wouldn’t be treated like machines, but living beings with individual needs, ideas, thoughts, wishes, feelings, experiences and so on, then we wouldn’t be where we are at the moment.

Things can change, some people can change, but some just don’t want to anymore, it seems.

How can you make an emperor giving up their throne, without violence on either side?

Would it help, if you would give them what they desire for in a virtual world, rather than what includes everyone? Then they could do whatever they want in there, while we could do what we want out here.

Would it be a win for everyone, would it be possible or just a bad joke for centuries of injustice and pain?

A world in which women are still a “minority”, it is very difficult to say what should be and this is also not up to me, since I am not really a woman nor a man, just someone who can’t stand the cruelty of everything.

The hidden things, the things others don’t want to show you, hide away or whatever.

Presenting themselves as saints (like my father), only to be mad, controlling and living in a dream world in which everything works according to what he wants. And if not, then he makes it work. At least often it was this way.

Some of these things also left deep marks on my feelings and all, sometimes making me do things in a similar way out of confusion, while I actually was against it.

It is hard to understand oneself, when from a young age on you got punished for things which weren’t even wrong. It is hard to learn trust and love and empathy, when your own ideas were said to be bad or wrong, while they weren’t at first.

Most people don’t know me at all, although they know me since I was a baby.

Maybe no one will ever really know me, as long as all are just staying on a distance (especially now) or in general, were far away from how I saw things.

My main problem was my protection. I tried to protect myself with giving others answers I assumed they wanted to hear. I perfected this so much, that I often still fall into this or also fall down on the other side, being unable to stop talking about things I don’t want to talk about.

It is hard to make things visible for others, which can just be seen by oneself. Maybe through some sort of telepathy these things could be shared and already were, I can only assume, but not be completely sure.

I just know, that it is a thing, telepathy and that others also try to share and make visible what they see.

This fear to speak up about such things publicly makes it so difficult to live.

Some people tried telepathy and it worked, from what I heard.

A professor and a student (I think) rried to send an image between the two of them. The professor to the student. But the friend of the student (or whoever she was), also knew about this experiment and also sent something, so she ended up drawing what her friend sent her, but later they talked about it, so the professor knew it worked and even found out that love was stronger in that matter (at least it seemed this way).

But do you learn such things in school? No, of course not, so they also can’t exist… for a lot of people.

And it also makes you question yourself, since you then don’t know whether something is just from yourself or someone else because you can’t really speak about it with anyone. At least I don’t really know people who really know something about it and just heard it from my mother who also just heard it somewhere. While I of course have heard and seen some people mentioning it in movies and stories, but if you really talk about it with people face-to-face, it usually is something they have no clue about or only joke a little.

And to close this, I hate it that people put all sorts of makeup or such things on their faces or do other things to appear “perfect” in front of others or cameras or whatever. Even those who made it as a form of protest have given up on it in some cases. Why would you cover up your skin, yourself to attract others who then might not even want or really like you? If someone has a really horrible seeming appearance, for whatever reason, an accident or maybe some kind of desease or an extreme deformation and others laugh about them or fear them, it is understandable when they want to cover things up or change their appearance and in case it is possible and they want it, there is nothing wrong about it. At least not if everything is really safe and so on.

For me it is just not understandable how most people, especially young girls seem to feel the need to do the same, while it gives them nothing, except maybe problems, lots of problems in the future.

If people can’t look at someone with a deformation or maybe just a few scars or birth marks or such things, then what the hell is wrong with them?

And a lot of people also don’t know what they are getting themselves into.

I mean I even had teachers (women) who were talking about these things and how it effects all our lives, while it is all based around industries and weird society concepts.

For me people with makeup are weird, in case they really wear it all the time and do it because they think they need it or should wear it. Actors sometimes need it for certain roles, that is something else, but also there I even have seen double make-up. First make-up to make them look perfect and then on top of that make up to make them seem more natural (for example adding birth marks).

No matter who you might be, but if you think that you have to wear lip stick or powder or such things, then you should question that. Especially if others expect you to do so, question them.

My father for example expected my mother to wear mainly or completely black clothes, while she actually wanted to wear something colorful or just different things.

And I was usually and still often wear dark clothes because I just was not really feeling good with bright colors. But I also have no problem with that and sometimes wear such things, when I want to or feel like it. As long as something is a choice, it is okay, but when it gets a must, we have a problem.

I don’t know where things will be going this year, but I really hope that people wake up from this weird manipulation hypnosis whatever thing.

I preffer to talk with people first hand because then I can be sure or at least more sure about things, instead of hearing or seeing it from others.

But besides the things which are open for discussion to gain clarity and more insight in different people’s lives, one thing do we all have in common now, we are all under threat one way or another.

And if some manipulative, imperial master minds won’t kill us, then maybe that nature is also dying because of our actions and those who came before us.

We won’t survive without something to eat and water to drink and bees or other animals who are responsible for these things or support natural life. Otherwise we end up eating some sort of gene-soup made in labs, which already happens in a way.

What is more important? Earth, nature and the survival of it, or power and control?

I mean, those with power will just fly away in spaceships or whatever, as soon as they are ready and here is nothing left to harvest. But then what about us and all the other beings with us?

Even some bears can eat berries or other plants and be friendly. What does this say about our systens and humanity?

I mean, in case it is correct, since I really often don’t know what I really know or can trust, then it was Himmler (this crazy national socialm death worship guy) who said that nature is cruel.

And then you see some documentaries about nature who support this claim to this day.

Sure, some animals might be cruel, like humans as well, but there are always others. Even former or told to be enemies can become friends or care for each other. Like the cat and dog my grand parents had. The cat even brought mice for the dog to eat. And even some lion (I think it was a lion) got mother feelings when she found out, that she killed a mother, leaving her children alone. Then even cared for the child as if it was her own.

When even this is possible, why do we still have to worry about the near future?

Propaganda … always this damn propaganda, until someone dies.

For what?

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