Stargate and more


There is also something called “CAI”, which is for merging images.

Basically taking a bunch of images and calculating the average color and size, making a merged image.

There is also something called “WeTransferManager”, for transfering big files. But it is a little buggy and might not work (anymore). Try for yourself.

I also tried to make it work with my server, but I am not sure whether I got it to work or not, probably not, so it actually uses WeTransfer in between.

But be aware that it is a private server, so not much capacity and bandwith.

I also wanted to add it in german, but my feelings and other things didn’t make it possible.

Since I don’t know what today will happen, I just thought, who gives a damn about anything anymore.

So here you go. Just log in and do what you want.

In case someone is planning to hack it, please use it wisely. If not, you are dead within a few hours caused by lightning or who knows, maybe a spider or something. These days you never know.

Have fun.

I will sleep now and see what I will do after I wake up.

Whether I will be heading to Ingelheim or I don’t know.

Stay safe guys! I love you! ❤

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