Ingelheim am Rhein

You build buildings for immigrants at the Konrad-Adenauer-Straße?

Is this really the place they hold this man or is he somewhere else?

In case you don’t know who Konrad Adenauer was said to be, he was an important man after WWII.

And now probably there is a man who will tomorrow be send into his death, if he isn’t already. I hope not.

What does this tell you about our world?

If you still don’t know what time it is, you are asleep and live in a dream land.

They are killing people in front of our eyes and call it an accident.

Maybe a few accidents will happen to the people who do such crimes.

I hope they like it to be toasted with thousands of volts.

Interesting quote. So basically he is telling us, that we should have been brain dead.

And this from the representative of Germany after WWII.

I mean, okay, this quote could have been from anyone, but it perfectly describes this situation.

A street with his name, buildings for immigrants to send them into their death, Germany.

Perfect. Perfect setting for Holocaust 2.0.

Who is READY?!


But hey, according to Konrad, I can’t know or understand all this because he knew that our intelligence is limited because he was in direct contact with “God”.

And I mean, sure, they said, that he was going against these natioal socialist people, but I can also tell you that I love dogs…

In the end, it doesn’t matter that much because it is very real what happens.

Even some TV shows in recent years have shown that some police stations were killing immigrants here and hiding it, calling it “accidents”. When even official state TV shows you such shows, you know the shit is real.

All these blind, ignorant people…

Meanwhile germans:

You know, I have seen many movies in my life and some of them predicted such things we have now.

But people were like: “That is just a movie.”


But people here are just continuing their business as if nothing happened.

Why? Because their TV, radio, internet tells them, that things are okay.

Or am I wrong? I mean my own relatives who have a father who is from Pakistan called me crazy.

Do you get it? Don’t you get it?

I couldn’t really sleep tonight, went for a walk through the snow.

White lights next to the streets, they re-built the playground down there, haven’t walked there in a while.

A quiet and lonely walk, but someone was freeing the streets from snow.

Why can’t I just fly? Why can’t I just stop this madness and make these people pay?

My gut is hurting the whole day. I don’t know what to do.

Nothing is really real, like in my childhood, like in my youth.

I will probably not survive this year.

But will you?

Stay alive as long as possible and don’t be naive or do something you can’t change afterwards, if you know what I mean.

Sometimes people have killed others who might have been on their side because they believed some information, which was meant for them to receive. To make them radical and a tool. Making them believe that they fight for freedom and justice, while they actually helped those who were against it. Like in the past.

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