Napoleon cake

We made that sweet cake majesty for the russian christmas, although we aren’t really russian. 😀

So for the 6th January and now it is already eaten of course.

Maybe I will post the recipe here later.

It is called “Napoleontorte” or “Napoleon cake”, although we don’t know why or whether it actually had anything to do with the actual Napoleon. But it is somewhat my favourite cake, especially when I made it with my mother. This time we also placed some chocolate on top of it, but that is up to you. And of course the rest as well, as this is just an example.

For now I just say, that it is made out of 4 or 5 (cake) bases and a self-made pudding cream. I mean, yes we have used some additional things like “baking powder” for the cake bases, but still it was better than just using pudding powder or buying a super market cake. It just tastes different and also knowing it is something self-made (in a way), makes it way more tasty and special. Also that it is not all symetrical and perfect. 😀

And yes, it took a few days to make this, because we had a problem with motivation and a whole bunch of other problems (as usual). But it was worth it. And no, usually it doesn’t take that long, only a few hours or something. Depending on your recipe and speed.

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