Germany, a flying B/T/rain

When I heard about this when I was still a little kid and also haven’t seen the actual trains, I thought that a flying train was literally flying. I imagine a train, since I already knew trains at that point, which would stop at a station, more or less like a normal train. But then it would lift off like a plane or something and fly away.

In reality it wasn’t like this, but still the different forms of flying trains and ideas related to it were fascinating at first.

Now you may ask, why such a thing was possible more than hundred years ago and now we still have people who are worrying in Germany about their lives, hate themselves or maybe others. And that people from other countries, mainly those from war regions or torturing regimes (etc.) are still not really wanted here but some people. While for example people in my village, at least some were very open towards everyone from elsewhere and even supportive. But I mean after they saw that one family after another got sent away and also often still new or not long used things, people here often sometimes haven’t had, were thrown away, while they sent in new families, this support also gets less. Not because it would not be there, but because it seems more pointless and people here also not have everything they might need or can’t have all things.

I was happy to meet people from other countries, other regions of earth and such things.

I always was curious, but it is so painful to live in Germany like this. Forget all the comfortable things, people from other countries also had some of these things, maybe even more before the wars. With or without them, if people reject others just for their origins or past, then it is all shit or nothing. Especially when you judge people for their country or maybe a majority of people living in it, if even.

You can basically show a few people with guns on TV or YouTube, say that all people in a country are (more or less) like this and then a lot of people seem to believe it.

And who needs a flying train, if this whole western world, if not the whole world is already fyling around in trains the whole time? Meaning that their heads are in the clouds or whatever. Either because they have too much to do and worry about or nothing to worry about because others can do that for them or whatever.

Meanwhile people disappear or “get disappeared” and such things, or just take their own lives, if not dying from broken hearts, pain and resulting sickness and so on.

Especially in Germany, in which for decades people from other countries were not only willingly accepted by some people, but also search and asked for, since people here either couldn’t or didn’t want to do certain things. This whole country concept is all rubbish anyway and way outdated, but yea…

Before the first world war, according to history, people were already getting more open and together, only to fight each other again and then not long after yet again again. For what? Nothing basically. Nothing at all. Pointless or meaningless lines on maps, stupid arguments and crazy goals or ideologies. And then? Then they just wasted away it seemed.

I mean I only want to go outside during night time.

Well, that is your problem, could some people say and be right about it, because that is really my problem.

But which isn’t my problem and still my problem, that a lot of people still suffer, die, feel lost and are nowhere to be found. Luckily we have people who sometimes find them and still care here and there, but the main thing is still here. Why is it for some people more likely that someone who looks different, be it just a different appearance or different origin or just a different skin, will be making trouble? I for my part actually saw the opposite happening. People from other origins were actually way more open, friendly and helpful, but maybe scared at times. You could talk with them more open and I felt more connected to them, than to the “native” people in my village or country, the so called typical germans. But even that is a trained and learned thing and children are different from that, until they either adapt or learn from others or have to be this way, in a way.

Who says that the police officer can only be a typical german?

I mean, just because a lot of people assume that someone could be a spy, a terrorist or whatever, we have a lot of these problems. In reality, if there are such things, they often are inside the own ranks, if you understand. Because it usually makes more sense to pressure someone in an important position or manipulate them, instead of getting someone from elsewhere in there and risk to be caught in an obvious act. And I mean, your appearance should and does not say who or what you are, at least it shouldn’t. I mean, basically everyone can dress up as a business man or woman, walk in front of a camera and tell stories. But why are some people now more trustworthy or important than others? That is a good question.

In my school time, I always had a few people who were have other origins, even writing that seem off and wrong. Because it implies that they were not from here, while in fact most of them where or at least grew up here in Germany. And some where from neighbouring countries or some EU states. But for me that didn’t matter, why should it, they were all people and just wanted to live somehow.

But still it was somehow uncommon to see a lot people from either other origins or just who might have not lived here for more than a few decades (their family). It was also somehow in a way normal to see people with other nationalities and origins in special classes. It felt not only off, but also made not much sense, at least not to me. I mean, if you are in a foreign region / country / whatever, and they mainly speak their own language or english or french or whatever and then you put all people who don’t speak these languages (or even some who might do already) in one class, does this make sense?

Yes sure, you could think or say, since they don’t know the language, so how would they be able to follow the teacher in the foreign language? Of course they have to have a special class and first learn the language. And you could be right, maybe, but only in the concept of school and Germany as it is or seems.

But now, to make more clear what I mean, wouldn’t it make sense to have friends who already know the language or live here for a while? Wouldn’t it then make sense to not only change the whole concept of education and let the young people decide what they need and want? And instead of telling them what they can’t or shouldn’t, try to understand what they are talking about or need.

If I could just walk around the earth and feel safe wherever I go, at least to the point where I would know that no matter where I go, I will have some friends and people who would help me in case I need it or who I might be able to help and just have a great time and so on, that would be really nice. And we actually have all the technology, all the possibilities, and a lot of knowledge and wisdom (in some cases). It just usually gets either ignored or as it usually was, used for propaganda, control, greed and other negative things which only lead people into misery at some point or blissful ignorance.

And do you know what some people were saying about deportation to Afghanistan (or other countries as well), that some terrorist groups or other people might already wait at the airport, to take care of the people getting there. In what way that be is open, either radicalize them, torture them or just do what one does, who has no heart.

I mean, it is also not a secret that my government or at least the military part of it, was supporting bombings of Syria or other regions or at least didn’t do anything against it. The military was said to be increased or at least some people wanted to “build it up” again. While actually for many people here it makes no sense to even need it and it was even said by law to be only be a defending army, so only used to defend in case of an attack, which makes sense or at least made in the beginning of it. But yea… flying a plane to refuel a bomber is also a defending act, I guess.

And I also learned in school that in some states there were soldiers placed to train local military. In one country even just one german officer alone. Which was interesting, since it was quite literally a one man army. ^^ Okay, but while I don’t know who they exactly trained and supported and whether these people were there to actually (in their eyes) bring peace or not, I don’t know.

Often it is way more shady or blurry than you first expect it to be.

Would for example the german population accept a robot standing in front of the camera?

I guess not. But then, why do they still listen to it?

If you followed me a while and (sorry for the madness in my head…) you know why these things happen, at least to some point. And why they could happen.

The good thing about getting a voice or keeping a voice, is that you can change it, but of course always risk it with your life and often pay with it or for it in various ways.

I am in a way a rat you could say because I was too scared to speak because I mainly wasn’t even sure whether I was just crazy or stupid or both. Turns out I was neither of those, at least not at first.

And if you have listened closely, you have heard, that they are “protecting our society”. But what kind of “society” is that? Not mine, that is for sure and I even was called by some people a typical german (whatever that meant) for them. Because I myself never was that or wanted that or had this typical german life, dreams or wishes or whatever. I didn’t even knew why it was important. I only adjusted my disguise or just didn’t do or want anything, so then I seemed like a typical german. The irony is, that this might actually be the typical german, although I am still not sure. But I am sure, that there is madness involved.

And I mean in times of internet it is way easier to radicalise and kinda “train” someone to do certain things.

You can turn people like me into ticking time bombs, like literal ones.

If you train people to follow certain ways and then they don’t want them, you can give them material to do something else, which then still could support those ways or at least be used in ways to support them.

I mean you can of course also invent stories or change them, to make things happened.

In the 20s and 30s they said the “red”/liberal people were evil and the jews were responsible for poverty (although poverty itself is a (usually taught) mindset and has nothing to do with money or anything similar).

And now they use other stories or maybe even partially real things to get what they want.

Do you know that some history teachers I had were also kinda joking, while not having fun, that we still have tax laws and such things based on “Kaiserzeit” (Imperial period / time when the Kaiser ruled) laws? Or that some people said, that pre- or even NS-laws were partially still in place, maybe a little altered, but yea..

And guess what, the population was laughing about it or thought it were jokes (or didn’t know what else to do). But I mean, it was kind hard to watch how people here were making fun of the GDR / DDR people or officials, while they themselves were poor themselves (at least from the mindset) because they felt as something better or smarter, since they were living in the “free” west. Oh man…

And I mean, they mainly complained about their own rights or problems, but didn’t even understand about the overall problems, connections and they themselves might have even been worse. So basically one drone speaks to another, wasn’t it?

And I really was thinking positive about this concept back when I found out about people doing such things, but I also understood, that they don’t really understand the depth of what they are doing or whatfor.

Because while of course it might be a great thing to actually safe someone this way, which should be the reason for this, it could also be misused and actually help the wrong people, without changing the concept. Why? People usually don’t think far enough. If you can’t think ahead of the one who came up with it, then you basically can be manipulated. It doesn’t mean that he or they are bad people and hopefully quite the opposite is the case. What I mean is, that they don’t think about a situation in which someone might have gone missing willingly or for their own safety. And by then tracking them down and reporting them, someone else (if not some people in the authority section themselves) can then “finally” take care of these people. Then they might have been found, but somehow died from a heart attack a year later (or whatever). You know what I mean. And then these people thought they have done a good thing, while they actually helped someone else finding a flaw in their system. Hope you understand.

If you could trust your own people, such things would actually be the norm, like finding people, helping people etc.

But this man actually pointed out that digital footprints are good and we need more of it.

Would we live in a free world, he would be right in a way, but we aren’t.

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