A reference to some vermin powder or was it gas?
You never know these days, maybe it was water…

goes under the shower and d/cr/ies
But only water ran down over the body.
Only water and steam and hot air around.

Speaking in futur and past tense, since I am writing right now, obviously.
But probably this happens or happened, while you w/are reading.

What do you think?

Is it better to stay quiet about something you know about, but don’t do a thing or at least talk or write about it and maybe also in various other forms?

I say, that it is better to say something about what you noticed instead of doing nothing at all.

It can’t be worse than pretending it didn’t happen or couldn’t happen and just continue as if nothing ever happened.

Therefor a few words written down can change everything, when they tell a truth, while million of unspoken words and feelings can only change your own world or view on things, at best.

Just say what is on your heart and mind.

We sometimes did that with my mother, I sometimes made her shout at me because she was pretending that she was fine, although we both know we aren’t. After that we obviously felt a lot worse for a while, but then also a little better than before. Holding it back won’t help. Or do you want to end up like my father? (I wish I could help him, so he won’t make our lives hell, while he thinks it is supposed to be this way, while thinking it is good (or whatever is going on inside of him).

And yes, these things down there, they happen.

Although maybe not like that.

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