“Just” human problems

I guess…

Before you think, that this invention was good, which in this case it was. Its only purpose is to ensure that whatever this truck carries will get to the destination in time. What, you thought it was meant to protect?

Inventor: Yes?


Another example:

In this video it was shown, that radioactive waste is more important than hundreds of human (or other) lives.

Inventors: But if we wouldn’t have tested this, we couldn’t be sure that the toxic waste might get into the environment.


And yes, it is kinda paradox.


Confusion³ summons Konfuzius (or as the german would call it: Kong Fuzi).

Someone: But I thought Konfuzius was the german variant?

And here we see german perfection:

People: But this wasn’t even … ah damn it.

But they didn’t see the best part:

Just imagine what would have happened if that giant tank would have done that while someone was standing next to it.

*dies internally*

Basically the “Wagenburg” messed up.

Classic “Wagenburg” (corral / laager):

And then the “mammoth” had to clean the road and drag away the mess it / they left.

Classic mammoth:

Oh… the Wagenburg comes back again:

And the mammoth probably thinks: Wait, am I not extinct?

Classic humans:

(Their words:) “Damn right you are!”

And now more train crash tests:

But really, I mean, there are so man(y) intelligent people walking on this planet and no one thought, that these things were a little dangerous and critical? No one? And yes, I know that there always were people. I have seen enough movies and heard enough stories related to such things.

Sadly my mother just recently told me again, whether I am sure that these things weren’t just meant for entertainment purposes only. While she even herself told me otherwise at times.


Cats: Something ain’t right. But somehow it doesn’t stop happening. And somehow I see trains everywhere. What are they good for anyway?

Cat: This is ridiculous, this noise, this … this …

Even in the snow around my village and town people have made circles in the snow and grass.

Random image:

And the rest of the world is like:

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