WHO is having a problem?!

I guess, it is a bug problem.

And last time I saw people dealing with so called vermin, they needed specialists.

Zyklon B – Giftgas!

Cyanpräparat! Kühl und trocken lagern! Vor Sonne und offener Flamme schützen! Nur durch geübtes Personal zu öffnen und zu verwenden!

Cyclone B – Poison Gas!

Cyan-preparation! Store in a cool and dry place! Protect from sun and open flame! Only to be opened and used by trained personnel!

And it looked like this:

And later they even thought, that the “bug” poison was not enough, so they thought, well, why not gas it all.

The locals probably had a good time…………

Oh look, orange clouds.

Wait… that ain’t no clouds.

It is *loud coughing noises*

Authorities: Did I hear a sound?

Poison Gas against bugs – let’s use it on people.

Gas against louse – let’s use it on people again.

Or just on the whole environment while we are at it.

(Probably the thoughts or instructions of people /back in/ these days.)

Child: Dad, what is that?

Man: I don’t know, but it looks dangerous, can speak and tells secrets and even can fly!

A few minutes later, after the parrot was telling about secret operations without even knowing what it meant.

By the way this movie is on Netflix, or at least was, since I watched it there. You should really watch it! NOW! If you haven’t already. But I watched in 2018 I think.

And here we go again or should I say “still”?

By the way another movie my old history teacher gave us to watch, the one from the GDR / DDR.

Who also gave us Krabat to watch and “Das kalte Herz” (The cold heart), although it was an older version.

You really have to pay attention to stories or you will die in or as (in) one.

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