Left alone car

We were driving to refill the car and then saw a car just next to the road in the forest. Usually no big deal, because people often park there to go for a walk or maybe have some time alone or whatever.

But there was snow on it, although it hadn’t had snow today, besides the time, around 10-11 PM on Sunday. So for me actually 1-2 hours ago while typing. It made no sense.

So my mother and I decided to take a look later and first drove home to get her mobile phone, just in case (this is just 1-2 kilometers from where we live. Since it also didn’t seem as if there was someone in need, we also first drove to the town because my mother had to throw in some papers for work (the actual reason why we drove around).

We were just curious about this car. It is also not uncommon that sometimes people just leave their old cars behind somewhere like this, maybe because they don’t or can’t pay for the waste yard or for whatever reason. At least this happened a few times here and there. But because we sometimes want to walk anyway and also need some fresh air, we decided to walk there through the forest walk path and not the direct way next to the main road.

There we saw that someone had made a snowman and also tracks of sleds, a lot of people and probably some dogs or other animals. Nothing unusual, but still interesting for the later part of the walk.

When we followed the path leading into the direction of the car, there were also sled trails there and some foot steps. Still nothing unusual, since a lot of people walk around here in the forest because it is calming, refreshing and also a place to maybe talk more open. Besides that there also had been tracks of a car or at least some road vehicles, besides tractors as well.

When we finally reached the end of the path / forest road we came to the main road. Since I wasn’t sure whether the car we saw was on this path or not, I just assumed it could have been, but well it wasn’t.

So we just walked a little further next to the main road and there it was. It actually stood at the entry of an old path which didn’t seem as if it was used in a while or at least not often. First we looked whether someone was maybe inside (you never know), but we couldn’t see anyone inside. It was a family car with 6 or more seats from around the area according to the license / number-plate. To this point still okay, although already weird.

Then we saw two sleds in the back of the car, both fitting the tracks we saw along the other path and also an umbrella and I think a role of wrapping paper. I am not sure if there was anything else, the seats seemed empty. Except for maybe one of these masks on the front passenger seat. So far still okay, but already strange.

Then I saw that the “vehicle inspection sticker” (TÜV – Plakette; german certificate for cars) was missing and it seemed as if it was scraped off (removed by force) and the hatch / cover for the towing hook thing (at least it seemed like it) was open. We also check the path where the car was, but there only was one or maybe two pairs of footsteps and you almost couldn’t recognise them. Shortly after the road was blocked with bushes and other things, although it seemed as if they were placed there on purpose. And also the other path wasn’t going anywhere and we also didn’t see anything there and also the footsteps didn’t seem to go anywhere, so probably just walked in there a few meters and then maybe back or the snow made them disappear.

Then I saw that the TÜV sticker on the back was still intact and actually valid up until next year, which usually means that they must have gotten it two years prior, so in 2020. Since there was no actual evidence of a crime we didn’t report it, but decided to check on it again tomorrow, in case the owners might have just had a problem with the car and decided to let it there over the weekend, to maybe get a proper tow truck or something afterwards.

Food for a thriller or at least a crime story. I personally don’t know what to think of it, since it just was very weird all together. Since we can’t do anything about it and it could actually just have been a harmless story in which a family from a nearby village might have went here to enjoy the snow with the children and then the car didn’t really work when they wanted to drive home agian. So they decided to let it there over the weekend and might have gotten home with friends or someone. But hey, you never know and there have been weirder things around here. I wrote down all details of the car (I won’t publish here), just in case there should be more to it. And we will check tomorrow again. Should the car still be there we will at least tell the local police to check for the owner, just in case.

We don’t want to get anyone into trouble, in case it actually was just the family car having a malfunction or something. But it is really a strange thing. Especially the front TÜV sticker missing and the open hatch / cover thing. Could all be coincidences, but better one time paid too much attention then always ignoring everything.

I just hope that the family is alright and nothing happened to them. I don’t think something happened, but it still is possible and was a strange encounter. And for sure material for a story. 😀

I just say: burned wood in the middle of the forest; dead headless rabbits and cars in the middle of the forest at night.

The Christmas tradition of my town I was writing about here earlier.

And my grandmother (father’s mother) once said to my mother, that the people around here are weird.

Well … you don’t say… The longer I live here, the more I am scared and weirded out by this place.

Makes you feel like in “The Ritual”, only in real life. 😀 Fun… (help)


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