Left alone car (update)

The car was gone today, as expected. So it probably was just standing there until someone could get it away.

And my mother also remembered that this certificate now only is put on the back of the car.

I actually looked it up and yes, since around 10 years it is this way. But man…

Sadly we now figured out that our car might be losing oil because of some hard icy snow which was placed around the car, when we drove away yesterday. Maybe one of these hit a small hole in the car. At least it smelled like it afterwards. At least according to my mother it she wasn’t driving around a lot, but 1/4 of the tank was empty again and usually this needs ~100km.

Great … and hello environment. yay… as if life wasn’t shit enough. woooiii…

And actually I just wanted to bake a cake with my mother today and now there is frustration again.

At least we got the cake bases (five). Hopefully we will finish it later together anyway.

Because I was driving yesterday and I am pretty sure it was happening there, I hate this again… why did I listen to my mother about the fence, when I knew exactly that I was far away from it and had to drive more backwards, so I would get around the ice blocks? … Why do I still give in to others and their opinion while it makes no sense at some points, but I still let myself getting denied by it…

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