A few years ago I looked into it, since I just wanted to understand how other people did it. Or at least how it could work. Of course it was also interesting and so I had to look for it.

And as always, at least back then, YouTube was serving me well, as well as a few websites.

This way I found out about CheatEngine. Basically a program which makes finding things and “hacking” games easier. I also found out about a lot of other tools, over disassemblers, debuggers and so on. Some of them were very promising and interesting for other purposes. I also found websites which “taught” you how to hack or presented themselves as hacking challenges for everyone to solve and also unlock things or find possible easter eggs or something. It was cool and very fascinating and to some extent it still is and probably always will be. But the more I understood about the concepts, the more I realised how fragile, vulnerable and connected everything is.

Because some people might have just used already built cheat tools and programs or such things others created. I even have heard or seen such things available for money and people paid for it, while it was just about games, so to say. Well, understandable in a way, but it also was just a small “reflection” or “equivalent” of the global technology market or even overall market. Because when people hacked the stock market in a game, why wouldn’t this be the same in the actual stock market? I also heard about whole companies exploiting and writing software or even AI to get control over the market or at least profit from it. (This basic human need to raise numbers again… I guess…).

It was just sad that teenage me who just got internet understood these concepts why most other people were still or partially believing in it, like my father for example with his bonds / security papers / value papers (there are so many names for these…) or my mother with her retirement plan. And they still believe or want to believe in it or also seem to have no other choice so far. Well my father could have with his 20 years without work and chilling around, but yea… little child…

All this negative things aside, the cool part about knowing how to manipulate software is, that you can also find out how it works. For me personally hacking or manipulating games etc. is nothing wrong or bad, as long as you don’t harm anyone with it or over-do it. “Harming” is critical in this case because you have to see things in bigger scale. Would it hurt someone working for EA (big game publisher)? Probably, but they already suck everything up themselves, so yea… But if it would be the actual indie develop of a game or something, then it would be a different thing, if you would for example “crack” (disable/manipulate license validation and such things) his game or software and then offer it for free. Maybe you have heard or even used suck “cracked” software yourself. It is mainly a thing with Windows users since it is a commercial shit show thing, but a lot of people use it or should I say because of that they use it? Only to later not wanting to pay for software written for it, while the developers often also had to pay money or at least a lot of time to make things work there and so on.

Linux is different in that matter, but games are still mainly developed for Windows, at least bigger or more public titles. In recent years it might have changed a little bit, but still.

While indie games or software is often even available for platforms you didn’t even know about, like some old Linux distributions or even complete different operating systems and architectures or these alternative computers like Raspberry Pi or controllers like Arduino and such things.

For the things a lot of people do with their computers it would actaually make sense to just use a Raspberry or something like it, instead of expensive and self-destructing computers operated by Windows.

I mean one of my old computers shows it, with Windows 7 it almost burned out at some point and had a lot of trouble loading. I couldn’t even boot at some point. Then I used Debian (Linux) and it runs as a server over the period of weeks or longer without heat problems or other malfunctions. Other people would have probably thrown it away or something. The only thing which probably is partially burned is the graphics card, but luckily that isn’t so much of a problem with a server. I also noticed the clear difference between Linux (server) and Windows. On Windows either way you heard the HDD working and sometimes it even sounded not good, but with this Linux server I barely even hear anything. Just the vent a little bit of course, but this one was a cheap factory computer with standard vent. Otherwise I would probably don’t hear it at all.

Okay, back to cheating and games.

I just got the latest version of CheatEngine and also made the tutorial again, just to see how far I would go, since I haven’t used it in a while and also can’t remember some things. And I was able to do basic things and at least remember advanced things, but I had to look it up again and try around a while.

When I was in the technical highschool, I even programmed a small stupid bot for a game, while I used CheatEngine for the address finding and such things. Even tried to hack a multiplayer game, just to see how far I would get. If I would have continued I probably could have developed an aimbot or even self-play bot. Would have been stupid and probably loose often and get reported soon. So I didn’t try it out in the actual multiplayer, but it was actually fun and amazing to know that I was able to accomplish such a thing. I mean yes, it was not useful and also not really good or working in a useful way even if I would have really wanted it to “play” the game for me, but I could have done that, if I would have wanted to and also felt safe to do that. Even if I would have been banned from that game, it would not have been a problem, I didn’t really play it. Just started it with an online friend and figured a few things out. We even wrote a small tool for him, so he could easier press weapon keys or such things, so he wouldn’t have to “abuse” his keyboard the whole time, for the same result.

I also learned how to analyse network streams and so on, it is somewhere in the back of my head, but I never really had to use it or felt the actual need to do so. Although I of course tried it a few times and found out a few things, but nothing really important.

Meanwhile IT schools: Hackers exist, but we don’t know or can’t tell you what they do.

Also IT schools: You have to protect your company against hacking.

My brain:

I thought about showing a small example here, should I not fail completely. Then you might be able to understand how cool and scary it is. Cool, would we be the only ones and only good people do or know that and scary, when you realise that this happens all the time even with life critical systems and stuff, while most people don’t even know how or what or when or why (you know what I mean, right?).

I mean, when you don’t understand that without electricity a computer can’t work, but a lot of them still have some things running or small energy resources left, even without it, you might be in danger at some point. We are talking about small parts of it, like the clock system or such things. But I mean basic or old mobile phones also could stay active without a recharge in weeks, while still receiving or sending radio signals, let the clock count and suck basic things. What actually consumed or consumes the most energy is the display, for these basic devices. This is why they can work for so long without recharge or maybe even months.

This should make you question your smart phones because even when you don’t use them and “think” you turned them off, by pressing the power button or selection the shutdown / power off option, they are still on.

Then you think, but wait, why or how? I turned it off! Well, yes sure, and maybe the main software or controller is not in use, but in order to be turned on again, it also needs power and therefor has to be active. At least for modern phones. Okay, technically the phone could or should be turned off and it would be possible to turn it on without needed energy in the mean time. But because of all these nice features, the need for speed and so on, it is much more useful and “easier” to do it this way or in such ways, as in letting a base system run, while pretending to be turned off.

With old phones this wasn’t the case or at least not to such an extent. As I said, even my mothers basic mobile phone from early-mid 2000s didn’t need much energy even when turned on, while being connected (or able to connet) to the (more or less) global radio / internet network.

It is enough to know where someone is at some point, since sending a basic “hello” signal (as I just call it) is enough for that. A radio tower receives it and then might send a “hello” back and then you can figure out the position / location of it. Depending on the radio tower software / hardware and who is working with the data, maybe even as precies as the pointer of a laser of a gun. Why? Well because usually there is more than one tower. So at first the “radio tower system” (it has a different name etc. but let’s just call it this way) has to figure out the best signal and also which one in the end gets the actual transmission / connection. This means multiple towers might receive the “hello” signal from your phone and also send one back. And then depending on which of them was the fastest, they might then be selected by your phone or vise versa.

For this procedure no actual data has to be transmitted nor has there to be the need for it. It is basic connectivity and availability checking and ensurance. It should of course only be active when the phone is on, but as I said, it is probably always on. And even if you should remove the battery (should you still be able to) it might have a small backup battery for crucial systems (e.g. system clock, touch/button recogniciton).

The time between the signals can be and is used to calculate the distance between the sender and receiving party. And when you have multiple towers or access to their data (usually managed through servers of phone companies for example) you can collect all data with the same identification number (each phone has a unique one, at least by factory, but it can be of course altered as always). It is actually used to manipulate and access data or fake connections etc. since you could then make your phone (or a device which uses phone protocols) give another numbers and then act on (usually unwanted) behalf of the actual device etc.

When you have at best thee different towers (typical in cities or areas without much hills or other barriers and a lot of towers), you can use simple vector math and and then get the location of the phone.

Of course it could be difficult to make out the exact person, when they are for example in a big crowd all with phones. Then you would have to use additional data. But in case there is only one phone near the location or only a few, it is a pretty easy thing. And then BOOM headshot, at least in case someone wants to do that and not just scare you or do other things (e.g. kidnapping).

Where were we? Ah right, cheating in games. 😀

Well, I guess I will do this later this day, trying out a few things again, looking through my older projects and trials and then maybe make a video. Then you could at least see how it works with games and how to maybe have fun with it yourself. It would of course only be an exemplary thing from my side to maybe make you interested or just to let you know how easy it can be and that it also can be very fascinating. And also doesn’t need knowledge to start with it. Well, as long as you can read, see and use a computer. 😀 At least to start.

CheatEngine (the software project and YouTube channel) actually has all kinds of tutorials and when you first start it you will be asked whether you want to do follow a learning-by-doing tutorial. It could be of course tricky at first, but otherwise it wouldn’t be fun.

One more advanced thing they were doing, I also had a problem with now, although I know I didn’t have a problem a few years ago.

It is interesting how I still remember things which were actually more complicated, but I didn’t know that. 😀

My learning is not linear at all. xD And I often understand and are able to do the most complicated things first, when I realise that I have difficulties with remembering or making “so called” basics.

I mean in IT school I failed with basic logic in these theory classes about constructing a controller for tickets or such things, or even LED lights to go from left to right on a micro controller board. While I was programming software to update game server stats and a basic overview for the servers of a friend, a modding tool for a game and also all kinds of other stuff. I even got my hands on a software project related to bot systems and Steam / Valve and then connected the Steam chat with this bot, so the friend could execute server commands. 😀 Yes, it makes no sense from a programmer perspective or how most people see or understand learning or so called learning curves. But I am not alone with this.

I also saw myself as a poet or artist among techniciens and IT specialists. So I never really counted myself in on any of those. I was my own kind, I guess. Learning in my way on my conditions and interest or needs.

The interesting thing about it is, that I usually didn’t look into hacking, at least anything beyond my own computer or basic things, beacuse I was scared. No shit. I mean, I was scared that I could get into trouble, if I would do that and that could have been. And on the other hand I also didn’t want to end up kidnapped by some secret agency or whatever to make their dirty work. So I just knew how things work and what I could do in order to actually use them or do things, but didn’t for my own safety (as paradox as it seems, since I wanted to die anyway). Heh… logic was never my second name. But it seems most people just talk about logic anyway, while they don’t really have it or fully use it. Otherwise they would probably get to the point when they would realise that (some) logic actually makes no sense or is not logical. At least in relation to nature and life. Computer technology should of course be logical (for the most part), but hey, people use AI without even knowing that they are AI themselves (in a way), while a human should of course be more and better, but yea… who am I talking to, right? People trusting computers or who trust people who create or program them.

This saying: “Trust me, I am an engineer.” got a whole new level for me during school time. Because it is similar to “Let me through, I am a doctor.”

Because these things actually say not much about someone and at best classify certain skills they should have, but often lack and only pretend. That is human after all, but then why is there a need for it in the first place? To get certificates, classifications and norms for people? Only robots can have this or machines, at least for them it makes sense because you can improve a machine or robot to its (for you) best version and also program it to do certain things. Sadly humans seem to be doing the same.

When you understand that, then it makes no sense to learn for a job in a formal way. You either just learn the skills and some knowledge and try things (when possible) and then maybe get with others together or learn with them and challenge each other. But you can’t go somewhere and then expect that you or others will know or be able to do something at the end of it. So when you send children into school for 8-13+ years it is actually mostly pointless and only wastes time. Some of them of course might actually learn a few things, but then they also could have learned it at home or in other ways, like I did. Most of them only learn for class tests which then often are also standardized in different ways (depending on the school and or country), but have a similar effect. The students learn for the test or even cheat in it and even learn several ways on how to cheat the test or how to get the results somehow, instead of doing it. Then at the end most of the things are or were already forgotten or blocked (and maybe labeled as: stress, pain, bullshit) and therefor ignored. So when this time is over they go out in the world and know almost knowing about the real world. Then they get a job and are happy to have somewhere to go and work and spend time for and with until they get tired and die. Eh… or something like that.

Only to find out that those who already learned cheating in school also do that in life and make what they want (often not much interesting things, but yea…). And others like my mother really give their all for stupid jobs like cleaning or whatever, while others don’t even recognize it. One of the younger people who worked at one of the places she cleans didn’t even notice that she cleans the complete building each year (every corner etc.), so they also didn’t pay attention to it. Meanwhile people tried to make our town work with a pointing system to give good workers more points for good work. While these people also said, that it had nothing to do with fairness. And then knowing that my mother’s work was not even recognised of the people it was meant for (younger people) it was clear who would benefit… Luckily back then the mayor of the town was against it and tried to find other sulutions and so far we don’t use it, I think. But I am not sure. I just know that also my mother noticed that people in the town administration got more quiet towards her and in general and some things were going in weird directions.

I as a young guy have to say, that it is good that there are still a few elderly or older people working here and there (police, town administration, school), because they know what is going on or at least actually want to help people and do their job properly (as they thought it was meant to be).

The younger people usually don’t even know or understand what is happening around them.

I guess except for a few who might have understood more or different things I wasn’t paying attention to (at first) they are all or now all just worker drones (for the most part).

I mean I even feel scared to talk to my own relatives around my age for the same reason, while they themselves were telling me sometimes that they wanted to live in a forest or can’t do that anymore or (maybe) want to do.

Meanwhile refugees: We will go to Germany because there we will have a good life.

Germany (or other countries like the U.S.):


It is good when you as a authority figure found out what kind of people and certain genes or maybe environments are “good” to control people. So you can make them follow your rules and “play” by them.

To a natural being it is clear that only itself can learn, do things and also is responsible for its own actions and the development. No one can give it to it, only support or interfer. And it is also clear to it that learning is something you do when needed. Either in order to survive or to make things better for others and yourself (in case you are not egoistic and just think about your own life).

But hey, school makes you actually think about the companies and their needs and feel bad for being a bad human, while actual bad humans or robot brains (or whatever) are doing the real bad shit.

I mean, if in order to not harm the environment you create big factories to produce things which are not natural, so nature won’t be hurt, but then destroying it to get materials, space to built these factories and also possible waste they produce. It is pretty weird to “sell” it as a solution or better.

I mean we live in a time in which it almost makes no difference whether you go kill a wolve to get its fur and then stay warm in winter or look cool AND just killing the wolve because it was in the way or sadly ate or drank from toxic water or stuff. WELCOME TO THE FUTURE.

I mean you basically tell people these days that we should care for nature, but people don’t even understand what nature actually is. And no, I am not talking about killing. I just tried to explain that the “killing” actually got worse instead of less, what could and should have been. I mean I just saw a petition about wolves again in my country and that with this petition people tried to protect the wolve, while other people wanted to shoot it.

The hell… literally…

Probably the same people who also shoot deer because of so called “over-population”.

… and they use one wolve who killed a bunch of sheep as excuse, I guess.

But just my cat and the cat who (partially) belongs to my father are completely different. His cat is male and an asshole and my cat is female and even cared for him, although he already had attacked her.

We should be intelligent enough to find ways in which we could live in harmony with nature, while having all kinds of things. Instead my cat had to help me with my recovery from this madness and remind me of good things, like just lying down on a street or grass and watching the night sky or just sleeping and relaxing. Or walking around there a little and explore and about trust, fear and kindness.

Wonderful humans… what a being… what a shame.

My mother told me again today about an incident where someone had placed a big mirror in a room and told people that in this room they would be able to see the biggest predator. I wonder how many understood the message…

It is hard to educate people, when other people want everything as it is or was or even more madness.

Instead children often understand what actually happens or just feel bad for themselves or feel pain and hate themselves or life or break. Usually those who want to be good, want to help, want to make things good and different from how they were done. But those are then called crazy, that they should go to clinics or whatever.

And just mentioning that you want to take you life is already a reason for people to send you to the locked / psycho clinic. And there they also don’t get help and even feel worse, I know what I am talking about and also have heard from others and their experiences. Some of which I had personal contact.

Do you call this good, normal, intelligent and peaceful or in any way helpful?

No, of course not, because it can’t help and isn’t meant to help. It is just a business and way to control, manipulate and keep people busy and distracted from the main problem. That they are slaves.

And that they should and could live better, peaceful and love themselves and their life and also others and nature. But it is dangerous if people would actually understand it, since then a few people would loose their perfect sysytem and position they worked for so hard (no actually let the people work for, so they could then later be part of it or disappear, wow, genius). So basically idiots can rule the world, while (possible) intelligent people work for them and help them. 😀 What a “nice” trick and system.

Because once you figured out the guilt and responsibility trick over intelligent people, you can make them do anything, as long as you know how to make them feel or think in a certain way.

Otherwise empathic and intelligent people would of course understand that what is going on is going against them and others and makes not much sense if sense at all.

So you force them to work. I mean if you would just plant some plants in your garden or maybe even go and collect berries and fruits in forests, you wouldn’t need to work. But hey, that’s why we destroy these things, make them private or don’t even have them (like in most big cities). Otherwise people could survive on their own and also animals. But who would want that?!?!?!?!?!? And that is why it is also tried to get rid of natural plants and stuff, so they could sell you gene manipulated shit which you can’t plant again. This is no news it started decades ago, but hey, people still think things are getting better instead of worse. 😀 FUN!!=!=!=!=

But hey, as long as people like me and maybe you exist, there is still hope and it is possible for us to stop this.

In case those evil bastards should not find a way to make themselves live longer while staying evil and just “science” for it, instead of finally giving up on it, we might be free soon. But it is dangerous, very dangerous and still not over. At least I have seen a lot of good news last year and from previous years. So no need to give up and instead it is time for the actual change. For our freedom and not always just the freedom of those who take and do what they want, while they don’t want to do anything for it themselves.

Like my father, who wants this cat or at least wanted that this cat has somewhere to go, but he still lets it sleep and stay outside right now, while we have snow and winter and all. It usually sits in front o his door. He even “asked” it whether it is cold outside… yeah no shit….. OOOOFFFF

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