Hurt plants and snow

To understand it, the smaller house – with the weird rose / ivy bow thingy in front – is the house of my father and the border of the two properties is between the two woodsheds. But in the the few years between my grand fathers death and up to this year, while me and my mother were already living in my house for three years now, he kept on cutting around on our trees and other plants. And his favorite plant is ivy, probably because if takes the oxygen, space and other stuff from other plants. At least as far as I know. And look (the last picture) what is growing all around my house?

And he does that with his own plants as well, since everyone cuts around each year. No matter whether it is useful, necessary or natural. They just do it because that was always how it was done, it seems…

My grandfather actually didn’t do it that much I think, but I don’t know. At least my grandfather had built a lot of these bird boxes, so the birds could breed there and seek shelter. I have some photos somewhere from the time where I was a little child. I hope I find them again. just within these 10-20 years (since I am not sure how old I was, but probably still in kindergarten [3 – 6 yrs. in Germany], so ~15+ years ago) out of a big tree is only this “finger” – “God’s finger” as I named it – left (seceond picture from top).

Maybe I will change this post later or make a new one to write something to each photo, since each of them can tell its own stories.

For example here once was a big tree as well, right next to the house. But because it was always cut on the sides there only was a trident like crown left and a long trunk. Because it was said that it might be dangerous to keep it, since it could fall on the house, like two other trees (where the ivy is) did the time when I almost died and went to hospital. But all of the trees including this one were cut down from other relatives and I agreed to it. If they weren’t already falling on their own and in positions and heights dangerous for us, I would have let them be. But they were planted to look good and be for decoration (mostly) rather than live as they wish to (basically just growing somewhere and being).

At first my father convinced an old man to cut this big tree, while it later turned out that the old man just thought he was supposed to cut down a few branches and had no energy nor knowledge or equipped for that. But did my father listen? No, he just did it and at one point he was there with this man and when I and a cousin of me arrived, we were talking, while they were busy and this old man standing on a ladder in a dangerous way. And me and my cousin first thought that they were cutting down the tree as suggested from my father, but after a while the old man had cut down a few branches and was done. According to him, then it came out that it was all a big misunderstanding. So not only did this old man risk his life for nothing, my father made a lot of trouble for nothing, it didn’t help in the end, as usually.

And to be honest, I am not sure whether this particular tree actually would have fallen on the house since it was still very strong and had big roots, even going around it, I think. The other three small trees who were surrounded by ivy (on the other side) and also had only a meter space or something, they really were dangerous. But hey… my opinion is only asked when I can make myself a fool with it and then it is ignored again.

This weird bush thing (I am bad with names and such things, sorry, but I know its botanic name when I hear it again) finally was able to grow. Maybe next year he will cut it down again, hopefully not. I wanted it to grow high so people could see me from the street and it was also giving some defense from wind and weather. Usually he cut it down on half this size or even lower.

I made these photos today by the way and thanks to the phone… you now can “enjoy” this advertisement on the bottom left of each photo… thanks…

I would have used a camera, but since I actually don’t like to make videos, photos or use phones, I decided to buy a phone anyway, since I might need it for other things. And because of some dependencies.

But yea… today I must have seem like one of these people who always walk around with their phones filming literally everything or just looking their screens. Because I always went on a walk with the phone to show you what I see (sometimes), so you can understand some of what I wrote or how I feel maybe.

Not in this post tho, since I also have to brighten it up a little because it got dark, since I took them just ~2 hours ago and where I am (Germany) it is 7 PM (19:00) now when the post is published.

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