Authority is insan/e/ity

People should be able to live as they want.

Instead we have some people who say, that most people are sick or have problems.

Interesting how authorities are never really sick and only catch a corona or cold once in a while.

So either they are really as incompetent as they look or they are the liars they seem to be.

At least support, since they must be very cruel or scared to support and survive in this world, while pretending to be on our side. Therefor they say it is normal that a lot of people die and that some things happen. If they even exist. I mean, have you ever met politicians in real life?

My mother once met one of them who seemed okay.

I personally have just seen a bunch of kids sitting in a parlaments shouting at each other, calling each other names and clapping in hands about nonsense. And not only now, but years ago.

I have even seen a clip in which a woman who looked similar to Angela Merkel was presented at her double and was actually an actor or something. So who tells you that it isn’t all just a show, right?

But hey, it is authoritiy, it must be important.

Plastic in my body, not important, children killing themselves, not important, other countries burn and the fights get supported by the west to fuel or start them, not imported.

But oh, people start to realise that they are all trapped and got fooled, IMPORTANT!!! So they tell everyone to stay home and die alone from a desease also supported by them. It is even worse than in the movies or games because in them the people at least tried to fight back. But when I look around me, I only see people who obey or ignore others as usual. Wonderful. Who tells you that anything is real?

If you haven’t seen it or felt it for yourself, maybe it wasn’t even there or others just ignored it anyway. I mean some people probably still think that their life will continue as usual after this. Others think their whole life will be ruined. I don’t know, I just want this mess of a controlled and manipulated world gone finally and gone forever. And instead just live with free people and be free to enjoy the good things we have and help each other.

Instead it is still called stupid to want to die.

It only says something about themselves, if you understand.

Because the more I want to die, the more I want actual life.

The more you want to avoid death, the more you accept it. At least from my experience.

If you really believe that you have to die, while some people try to live forever through so called science, then I don’t know what they did to you, but they did it real good. When you just can’t understand it for now, that is no wonder after all the manipulation and pressure. But if you stick to it, knowing it will be your death, then I can’t help you. People who rule over us want to live forever, while they tell us that we should acccept our suffering and death. HELLO!?!?! WAKE UP!!!