Mission failed

As I expected, nothing happened.

Either was the music not loud enough or other sounds were too loud or it is just as I thought, no one cares.

I was there for around an hour, would have given someone a tea or something and something to eat.

But no one came.

Maybe a few people noticed some sound, I assume, could have been. But I guess it could also just have been me thinking that someone did.

When there was someone walking down the way near me, I first thought, hey, maybe someone was searching for the music. But turns out, he just was waiting for someone and thought that I was a cop (from the police).

Well, I guess that’s it. And hey, now I know how people usually see me. Nice… as if I didn’t already know and had my reasons to not go outside. Luckily I only played music, otherwise it would have probably ended badly for me.

Next year will be FUN… 🙂🙃😔

At least now I can watch some sad movies, no one will notice or understand.

And just hope, that some people meat their maker or find their place to rest faster, so the rest of us can live.

But what did I expect… actually nothing, as usual and nothing is what I got, although I was prepared for something. The good thing is, a virus won’t kill me. The bad thing is, I am not sure when I will have to put on my “jew star” officially. If you understand what I am talking about.

Maybe I will fall asleep within a few months and then never wake up as I wished for so many times.

People in black coats at the train station and on the streets… cold hearts, cold eyes or naive eyes…

I looked at the world map and thought, why wasn’t I born in Russia or Canada? At least there I could have lived far away from all this. Because when you look at the streets and houses and all around Germany or the East of the U.S. for example, you see a lot of big streets. You can’t even see anything else except for these streets in Germany. It is as if Germany is one big pile of streets and houses. So I have nowhere to run, nowhere to hide or go.

But I knew that when I was still a child… so why am I writing it. People will just think that I “just” came to this conclusion or whatever. Back then I couldn’t talk, no it doesn’t matter anymore. Irrelevant and pointless, until they will all be dead… if there would be all these other people who suffer in similar ways or try to stop it, I would wish that my mother didn’t remove the blanket when I was 8 or how old I was…

Maybe someone finds atleast some hope or ideas through this, when it won’t get taken down.

But maybe in a few weeks you won’t even remember my name.